World News – USA – Fast UMass, ready for La Salle’s slow style


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UMass head coach Matt McCall plays the season opener against Northeastern on Friday at the Mullins Center. UMass visits La Salle on Wednesday for the Atlantic 10 Opener. CHRIS TUCCI / UMASS Athletics

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The UMass men’s basketball team prefers the Autobahn. The minutemen push, run and try to outdo their opponent.

La Salle, on the other hand, takes the winding back roads. The explorers want a physical, defensive battle in which they can get their way.

Whoever gets into the driver’s seat first decides who wins the Atlantic 10 opener on Wednesday. Originally planned for last week, UMass (1: 1) will meet La Salle on Wednesday lunchtime in the Tom Gola Arena in Philadelphia.

« They want a rock fight, Chippy, they’re going to talk to us, » said UMass newbie Ronnie DeGray III. « As long as we keep our sets going, the goal scorers stop and be disciplined, we have a chance. « . ”

UMass is fresh from its first two games of the season. The Minutemen shared a home-and-home streak with Northeastern, winning at the Mullins Center on Friday before falling in Boston on Sunday.

« When you’re playing on the road, you need to get off the bus with a certain focus and have that focus and be ready to go, » said UMass coach Matt McCall. « You have to have a bigger head start and hopefully it was a good learning experience for our boys. ”

While the Minutemen are still figuring out their staff and rotations after a positive COVID-19 test and subsequent quarantine, La Salle has played five times since November. 26th. The explorers lost their first three competitions against St. . Johns, Saint Peters and Army before rebounding with victories over Lincoln University – a Division II school – and Drexel. They have kept their last four opponents at 63 points or less. McCall wants the Minutemen over 70.

“We want to push, we want to bring the game up and down. We feel obliged to the press, ”he said. « We have to play more boys and wear down teams. Can we make fatigue a factor? “

It should be a familiar formula. UMass has won three of its last four games against La Salle and broken 70 in their last two games. The Minutemen scored 69 points in their third win and were kept at 51 on their last visit to the Tom Gola Arena, a loss.

The second security guard Jack Clark leads La Salle at 9. 4 points per game. Six players average at least seven points per game and nine points at least five. The explorers like to turn on defense and slip pick and roll on the offensive. Instead of waiting for solid contact, the screener walks towards the basket early to get a pass or create a lane for the ball handler.

« You have big, strong guards. They’ll try to post their guards, « McCall said. « They have a lot of guards that they will throw at you, not one dynamic guard. They’ll make it hard to take offense. ”

UMass has no problem finding players who can score a goal. The Minutemen have five players averaging at least 10 points in two games, led by Tre Mitchell and Javohn Garcia, both at 20. 5 per game. McCall attributed this in part to the fact that so many players played more minutes than he wanted over an entire season.

« With the firepower we have on this team, that has to be a big focus, playing the game selflessly, moving around and sharing the basketball, » said McCall.

EARLY STARTS – The lunch break is an hour earlier than originally planned so the team can avoid the upcoming snow storm. UMass left for La Salle on Tuesday afternoon and stayed just outside Philadelphia. The team will eat at 8 a.m.. m. then be on the bus at 9 a.m.. m. They receive quick COVID tests on the bus and only leave if they are negative.

Every game UMass has played this season gave a tip in the early afternoon. The season opener started at 1:30 p.m.. m. , while the backend started at 12 noon on Sunday.

UMass announced a third non-conference game for Monday: The Minutemen will host Bryant at an officially yet to be determined time. McCall said it could be a 2 o’clock game. ”

GARCIA RECEIVES WEEKLY HONOR – Garcia, a freshman, received his first prize in a career conference when he was named Atlantic 10th Rookie of the Week on Monday. He scored 23 points on his debut on Friday and 18 on Sunday. Garcia made 4 out of 5 from 3 point range while shooting 62. 5 percent of the floor 15 of 24).

It’s the 10th. A-10 Rookie of the Week award given to a Minuteman over the past two seasons. Mitchell was named conference rookie of the year last year.

CONFERENCE FINANCIAL AID – The A-10 President’s Council approved a distribution of 100. $ 000 to each member school to cover the cost of implementing the COVID-19 protocols. It is designed to offset the cost of testing, sheltered travel, and other non-budgeted expenses.

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World News – USA – UMass speedy, ready for La Salle’s slow-down style


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