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South Carolina football is on the road tonight to play Ole Miss 7:30 PM. M. On the SEC network at Vaught Hemingway. Both teams are 2-4 with Gamecocks knocking out a 48-3 loss at home while the Rebels exit from Week Farewell. .

Tom Hart will be the voice of playing a SEC game with Jordan Rodgers presenting the analysis and Cole Kubilek as the side reporter. This is the 17th meeting between Gamecocks and Rebels and only the second since the 2009 season. Each team won 8 out of 16 meetings.

Follow up below with live in-game updates and analyzes by refreshing the page throughout the event and joining the discussion on Plano’s Palmetto Proving Grounds by clicking here.

– Unlocks kick-off in the end zone for rebound. Colin Hill jogs like Gamecocks who started the quarterback. Kevin Harris snapped six yards off the ground. He holds up again, picks up the first down. Harris stops off the line of melee at first and then catches Shi Smith’s debut on the screen pass, well blocked and Gamecocks in Rebel area. Harris with short gains in the first and second down. At 3 and 4, Harris is back and captures 12 yards. Smith picks up first, Gamecocks is now in the red. Catching Shi Smith with one hand. He takes off his helmet after getting up and demanding unsportsmanlike behavior. Yardage applied to kickoff. South Carolina takes 5:36 off the game hour. Gamecocks lead with a score of 7-0

– Ole Miss starts from the 43-yard streak after kick-off and back. Elijah Moore, Wide Receiver, has two campaigns for the first time. In the next series, he confronts the rebels 4th and 1st, so go and get it. Ole Miss uses small gains along the way. In third place and goal, Coral passes to Drummond to score. It was 14 insurgent leadership games. Draw game, 7-7

– Dakirion-Joyner brought the 20-yard kick-off back to the 24-yard streak. After Smith catches 4 yards, Hill throws a double cover, reserved for Jalen Brooks, and is picked up. Gamecocks’ defense threw back onto the field after two games. The Ole Miss Engine starts at the 37-yard line.

– 1 match and Ole Miss across midfield. In the next series, Gamecocks put the Rebels in 4th and 7th modes, they go for it and somehow, Moore is wide open 23 yards. Israel Mukwamo in coverage. In first place and target, Coral manages it himself. The rebels advance 7-14

– Touchback. Hill is back. Gamecocks picks up first time with Harris. End Q1: Ole Miss 14 – South Carolina 7

– Harris picks up another down first and then walks 46 yards. Draw match, 14-14

– Touchback. Gereon Ayali’s second touch hits 39 yards to the South Carolina 32-yard streak. Gamecocks Ealy pushed to lose nine, but Corral completes a 15-yard pass with good coverage from John Dixon. Henry Parrish gets a third turn down. At the 1st and 15th after penalty, corral to Moore to gain 12 yards to the 15 yard streak. The rebels retreat after blocking the blind side of an injured Jimmy Robinson. The rebels now face the first and target of the 26-yard streak. A pass from Corral takes him back to the 15-yard line. Lob in the end zone finds Ealy to drop. The rebels advance 21-14

– Sweep Speed ​​for Smith losing six yards. 33-yard race for Deshaun Fenwick. After a few more rounds by Fenwick and a third short diversion down by Hill, QB found Smith 36 yards to UM5.. Fenwick captures the square in the first and the target. In third place and goal, Luke Doty enters and drops down to the 1-yard streak. They review the play. Supported. At 4 and a target from the 1 yard streak. Harris scores. Draw match, 21-21

– Touchback, left 3:36 in the first half. In the second play, Corral to Sanders is a 52-yard pass to the 19-yard line. Moore as a ball bearer up to the SC6 at 13 yards. Snoop Conner picks up one yard. A coral uses its legs, but it barely captures the yard. On the third streak and goal from the 4-yard streak, Muschamp calls a timeout. In the next game, Corral is kicked off his bar and the ball is recovered by Gamecocks. Harris first runs without a win and lands second with a two loss. Lynn takes Kevin out while facing 3rd and 12th Gamecocks. Brooks finds, below the mark. Ole Miss takes another timeout with 54 seconds left. Gamecocks will toss. Kay Kruger with 49 yards pants.

– Ole Miss has a ball in the 38-yard line 44 seconds before play. After the first conversation down, crosstalk scrolling called out attempting deep scrolling. Time for the rebels has run out. The play is now being reviewed. It’s inverted, one second left on the clock. Ole Miss takes a field shot. Half Time: Ole Miss 24 – South Carolina 21

– Touchback. Coral Two More takes it out to the 41-yard line. The next pass is played all the way to SC39. The next two plays go for two yards. On 3 and 8, false start. At 3 and 13, he shot three yards. In the fourth and tenth, the rebels are seeking to obtain it. It gains 17 yards through the air. Hold on to the next play. In 3 and 1 in the following series, she is captured by Parish. In the second down, cross over Dickson in the end area. The ball is placed on a 2-yard line. Conner’s scores. The rebels are advancing 31-21

– Joyner brings 20 yards back to the 25 yard streak. Harris picks up the first disembarkation of a carrying bag. Smith picks up first down on second down. Next, Hill finds a narrow end for freshman Jaheim Bell in the 29-yard race, his first reception this season due to a knee injury.. Harris moves forward five yards. On the third hand, Harris dropped to first and goal. Hill QB sneak, short stop. Harris stops short. Harris runs right and scores. The rebels are leading 28-31.

– Touchback. Gamecocks’ defense gets passive thrash from the rebels then captures three yards. At 3rd and 10th (in Ole Miss you can’t go fourth down to only three), Conner is below the mark. First kicking Ole Miss, he is caught by Robinson at the 24-yard streak.

– Harris gained 32 yards in his first landing, and lost his shoe in the process. He repositioned and ran another 44 yards to land. Gamecocks lead with a score of 35-31

– Touchback. The Rebels capture the first blow in the first game. Illegal shifting attacking in next play, makes it the first and 15th. Ayali stopped without profit. Corral to Sanders for 57 yards. Eli then lunge 12 yards to score. The rebels advance 38-35

– Touchback. An incomplete, seven-yard pass runs by Fenwick and finishes the quarter. End Q3: Ole Miss 38 – South Carolina 35

– On the third and third, Fenwick covered 22 yards. Fenwick first goes down again, all the way to the 24-yard line. Hill Smith picks up the first down. Harris runs it for his fifth quick touchdown. He actually broke the school record with his fourth record. Gamecocks is ahead at 42 – 38

– A faint comeback from kick-off, a short win at first down for the rebels and then somehow Moore is wide open and goes 91 yards for the score. The rebels are advancing 45-42.

– Touchback. An incomplete pass on the bottom, intended for a fan below the sideline. Harris picks up first down. Pick up five. Harris stopped in second place, football flopped off limits and lost five yards. On the third and tenth, Hill was pressured and fired. Get down to the 20-yard line.

– Rebels need only eight plays to go 80 yards for a landing, aided by a pass that drops into Jesse Horn. Ole Miss over 650 yards in total attack. The rebels advance 42-52.

– Touchback. Get off first by Smith, Fenwick loses a yard, unfinished for Smith. On the fourth and eleventh, Hill was pressed and turned over Moses, who was wide open below the lateral line. Turning on landing, the Rebels take charge at the 24-yard line.

– Gamecocks forces the rebels into 4th and 11th mode, crime stays there and of course the landings. The rebels advance 42-59

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World News – US – Final: Ole Miss 59 – South Carolina 42
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