World News – USA – For Luka Doncic to take the next step, his training must be as important as his game


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J. . J. . Barea went on J. . J. . Redicks podcast and talked about how Doncic is still a « kid » in terms of training. That needs to change.

Luka Doncic is out of shape. This is not a controversial statement, or a troll, or an indictment against Doncic, who is unable to become the star most believe can be. It’s just the truth.

Anyone who watches the games can see it – Doncic isn’t as spicy as he was in the bladder or for most of last season and he’s just a little bit more puffy to say the least. The Mavericks and Doncic chased those questions away, of course, because I doubt Rick Carlisle would call his best player chubby after a daunting effort. Oh wait a minute.

This is reflected in Doncic’s numbers and the Mavericks season. Dallas are 1-3, with two blowout losses in four games. Doncic shoots 43. 8 percent off the ground and a horrific 9. 5 percent to three, although his counting stats are still okay at 23. 8 points, 5. 8 rebounds and 6. 3 templates per game. The biggest indicator that Doncic is working? He shoots 59. 3 percent from the restricted area. Last season that number was 72. 6 percent. The Mavericks roleplayers aren’t hitting any shots and Dwight Powell looks lost, which doesn’t help, but Doncic really has a lot on his shoulders.

If you still don’t believe it, take it from J. . J. . Barea. Barea was recently a guest at J. . J. . Redicks podcast and had a lot to say on many different topics including Doncic. Here’s what Barea said about Doncic’s training.

« Well, he’s still a kid, » said Barea. « He’s still chilling, I think he’s still chilling, he’s still growing. He still hasn’t taken the next step in a good way, if you know what I mean. If he really starts training and really working and really preparing for the NBA, he’s going to be a monster.

« At the moment he is still a child. He still thinks he could do it that way. He’s getting better every year, but he’s still a kid. When he turns 24, 25, when he becomes a man, he will be a real problem. He loves the game, he loves his teammates, he loves to compete against the best – he wants to compete against the best. ”

It makes sense. Doncic has been around since he was 13. A child prodigy in basketball. He has been a professional basketball player for more than half his life. At the age of 21, you could argue that this track is probably the toughest basketball he has ever seen at the moment. Things have gotten so simple for him that it comes as no surprise when Barea talks about Doncic not being a hardcore trainer in the off-season. If it’s as easy for you as it is for Doncic, would you obsessively exercise every day that you weren’t around Watch a Millionaire 21 Years Old? I fucking wouldn’t do it.

Since everyone wants to compare Doncic with Dirk Nowitzki, we’ll do it here very quickly. Dirk is known to have been so bad in his rookie season that he spoke publicly about how he thought of leaving the NBA after his rookie season and playing back in Europe. Dirk got his ass kicked in his rookie season and that seemed to fuel his determination to get better. He didn’t have a choice. He had to work hard on both his body and his game. The results spoke for themselves.

Maybe this is the season for Doncic. He previously looked uncomfortable and annoyed with his performance. We even saw him work on his game after Wednesday’s discouraging loss to the Hornets. So it is clear that Doncic knows this launch is not up to his standards. The good news is that he’s only 21 years old. Doncic has plenty of time to learn this lesson, as Barea said. Learning may not be that fun.

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World news – USA – For Luka Doncic to take the next step, his training must be become as important as his game
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