World News – USA – Former Hillsong Pastor Carl Lentz is being treated for mental illness


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Carl Lentz is looking for help. The former Hillsong pastor is receiving mental health treatment after being asked to resign from leadership in the Christian mega-church in November for « moral failings ». « 

A source reports to ET that Lentz will be actively seeking treatment in an outpatient facility that specializes in depression, anxiety, and pastoral burnout.

The source says Lenz is seeking treatment to improve himself for his family, and he is eager to get the help he needs with his family supporting him.

The pastor, who was once very close to Justin Bieber and served as the singer’s spiritual advisor, served as a Hillsong leader for over 10 years before the Church asked him to resign in November.

Lentz later spoke about his departure in a long Instagram post, in which he admitted cheating on his 17-year-old wife Laura.

« I have been unfaithful in my marriage, the most important relationship in my life, and have been held accountable for it. This mistake is mine and I alone and I take full responsibility for my actions, « he signed a photo of himself with Laura and her three children. « I am now embarking on a journey of rebuilding trust with my wife, Laura and my children, taking time to work on my own life, to heal it and to seek the help I need. « 

« I am very sorry that I have broken the trust of many of the people we have loved to serve and to understand that hearing and processing this news can be very difficult and confusing, » he wrote. « I would have liked to have said that to you personally in my voice, because you owe it. But I won’t have that opportunity. I pray that you will forgive me and that in time I will live a life of trust. « 

Hillsong Church later announced in a statement that it was appointing an outside law firm to investigate concerns following the change in leadership.

« Since the announcement of a leadership change on Hillsong’s east coast last week, we have heard from a number of people their experiences and concerns, » the statement said. “It is important that we find out the truth and then do everything we can to ensure that our church is both a safe place and a place that seeks to glorify God in everything we say and do. « 

« This is why we have decided to appoint a New York-based law firm, not affiliated or affiliated with Hillsong, to conduct an in-depth review and investigation of all concerns and general cultural issues, » it said. « We take this very seriously and, based on this report, we will be in a better position to take whatever action is deemed necessary to correct the injustice and move Hillsong east coast forward so that many more people can find hope. « Jesus. « 

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World News – USA – Former Hillsong Pastor Carl Lentz is on treatment for the insane illness


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