World News – USA – Gophers soccer has its best recruiting class but will it stay?


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The Gophers soccer program is expected to sign 17 high school prospects when the NCAA’s early signing begins on Wednesday. The majority of these recruits, from the west coast to the east, have never set foot on campus because of the coronavirus pandemic.

That might be fine, or it might be a precursor to departures.

Obviously, Minnesota isn’t the only one having to recruit and fundraise commitments without having the opportunity to meet face-to-face recruits. The coaching team and the players couldn’t get to know each other in the family’s living room, and P. . J. . Fleck was unable to accommodate them on his boat on Lake Minnetonka last summer.

The limitations make Fleck and its staff’s ability to put together the program’s first top 30 class more impressive. The U-Class 2021 ranks 28th with five four-star recruits according to the composite 247 sports ranking list. Place in the nation. That’s still eighth in the Big Ten.

Allen Trieu, a recruiting analyst for 247sports in the Midwest, said the Gophers are at the forefront of dealing swiftly with the pandemic’s restrictions and planning « virtual tours » with recruitment goals.

« That got very common, but if we go back in March, Minnesota was one of the first schools to do this in my opinion, and it has paid off with some of the kids they did during that time Got commitments, « said Trieu.

« The way Minnesota handled this class by 2021 is a little bit controversial, » Helmholdt said. “There was a lot of pressure on the children to make commitments in the spring, and they received most of their commitments in this class in April and May. … Some of these people have withdrawn from these commitments, but most of them have stayed, and in hindsight the results have justified the means.

« This is a very strong class considering what Minnesota had to do, and because Minnesota was inaccessible, Minnesota was more affected than most of the other teams because they aren’t in many of these children’s backyards. ”

With uncertainty about how many seniors will take advantage of the NCAA’s decision not to count towards a player’s eligibility this season, classes across the country have kept pledges below the 25 limit. It also means that programs cannot afford to miss many players as each loss has a greater impact on the overall class.

Gophers Defensive Coordinator Joe Rossi said the coaches could not take the eye test for a prospect in subcamps, spring practice, or fall games.

« It’s a challenge because sometimes, hey, I want to see how long this guy is, he’s listed at 6-4 but is he that length? » Said Rossi. “I think we were able to rate your film. Sometimes there is a training film, sometimes there are things that trainers can send you. So that was a little different. ”

« You can see and feel what kind of relationship and what kind of synergy there is between player and coach, and most importantly, between the player you are recruiting and your current players when they visit your campus, » he said.

Rossi and Sanford said they needed to listen carefully and trust their existing relationships with high school coaches and other connections.

« We have a feeling it will be a program changing class and I think we will have program changing players in many positions offensively and as a full recruiting class, » said Sanford. “Really the credit goes to this coaching team and to Coach Fleck for their work. I’ve never been around a head coach who works as hard as he does on recruiting. ”

« Are we going to see coaches misrating a lot of children because of this? » Said Trieu. “But we might find that children chose schools that they didn’t really like in the end because they only visited them virtually. ”

One aggravating factor is the expected decision by the NCAA in 2021 to introduce a new transfer rule that allows football students and athletes to change schools once without having to miss a year.

« I think the handling of the transfer portal is a beast without that. It’s huge by name and needs to review these people, ”said Trieu. “But I have to think that (one-time transfer rule) will be very common with this group of children. ”

The different ways in which the class was put together will put more of a strain on traditional development.

« Recruiting and development have to go hand in hand, » said Helmholdt. “You need to have confidence in your coaching team, trainers and staff so that they can get the most out of the perspectives you bring to the program. ”

« The class of 2021 was gotten wrong by the NCAA, » he said. « So that this early signing phase can continue when they couldn’t make official visits. You will have many consequences of this in the long run. … There is no reason why we need an early contract signing this year and (not) give these children more time to reflect on their decision, especially since the season is still going on and changes in head coaching are expected. ”
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World News – USA – Gophers Soccer has its best recruiting class, but will it stay?


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