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MLW Fusion Results (18. 11. ): The restart is finally here! MLW World Title Match, CONTRA unit strikes again, More

UWN Prime Time Live Results (11/10): NWA Tag Title on the Line, Tournament Semifinals, Mike Bennett in Action

STF Underground Ep. 86 – Was NXT better than AEW? Farewell to the undertaker, should Omega vs.. . Moxley be on PPV?

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Interestingly, Tessa Blanchard is featured three times for her Impact World Championship moments, but her nominations are not listed in chronological order.

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Two games have been announced for the IMPACT Wrestling Final Resolution Special next weekend. IMPACT World Champion Rich Swann will defend his title against former X Division Champion Chris Bey, while « Machine Gun » Karl Anderson competes against « All Ego » Ethan Page.

Bey competed against Swann’s good friend Willie Mack on IMPACT TV tonight, but eventually fell victim to a power bomb and a stunner from the tall man. The leader of the « Finesse Division » got the last laugh when Moose came out to attack Willie Mack, leaving Swann open for a springboard cutter from Bey out of nowhere.

The Good Brothers won the IMPACT World Tag Team Championships from the north at Turning Point last month. Doc Gallows suffered a minor injury in the past few weeks and was taken off TV due to a mysterious backstage attack. Ethan Page showed himself to be the man behind the attack and dared Karl Anderson to meet him one-on-one in the ring in the final resolution.

Motor City machine guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin) vs.. . Team XXXL (Acey Romero & Larry D)

Shelley is back from a minor injury and is wasting no time showing that he’s as good as ever. He defeats both big men with quick punches and combinations of kicks, preparing Chris Sabin for a big jump through the ropes before taking them to the ground. Shelley continues to kick and body shoot Acey Baby. Sabin comes from the top rope, but is caught around the neck and thrown over the ring. Shelley saves his partner from being shot in the corner and the Guns twin team Acey until he hits a power bomb over each other.

Larry D gets the tag and goes to work with big kicks and knee drops on Shelley’s body and back. He pushes his opponent into the corner and rolls him back to the center, giving a mule kick to the side of the head. Two count. Romero comes back and XXXL crushes Shelley in between. Sabin doesn’t wait for the label and just jumps off the ropes into a rocket drop kick and sends Larry to the ground.

Tags by Sabin and Larry D. . The machine gun doubles team Larry again with kick combinations before taking him off his feet with a high-low combo. Romero makes the save and drops a huge leg on Sabin, causing Shelley to blow off the apron. XXXL tries to crush Sabin again, but he rolls out of the way and they crash into each other like freight trains. Shelley returns but eats an elbow. Sabin with a bulldog off the ropes to bring the big man down. The Guns pick up Ace for an impressive suplex, taking him out of the equation. Larry takes the Skull & bones for the three.

Sami Callihan and Ken Shamrock arrived at the building but security would not let them in. Scott D’Amore told Shamrock that he went too far last week to pick up an IMPACT officer and suspend him for 30 days without pay. Callihan freaks out and D’Amore tells him if he continues like this it will be 60 days and both of them will be suspended. Shamrock said he could drop the security and work his way into the building, but he doesn’t want to make this a legal issue. When he returns, he promises that he will put his hands on whoever he wants.

John E.. . Bravo bumps into XXXL backstage and freaks out at Larry D for trying to murder him. Good argument. Tommy Dreamer parted them and told Bravo to hit the stones for his own safety. Dreamer tells Larry D in a shirt that reads « POLICE » for some reason that he has to go « downtown » with him to ask questions. Larry hits him cold with a backhand.

Beer Money was one of the greatest TNA tag teams of all time, and James Storm recently revealed how popular the duo were.

When Storm discussed with The Angle Podcast about whether the team could reunite in WWE, he admitted he was confident he’d be good merchants as the duo grossed TNA a million dollars in just one year.

« You know, I don’t know if we’re a top team. We’d be one of the top merchandise sellers, I’ll tell you . . . because we made TNA like a million dollars in a year, just with beer money goods, I could only imagine that the WWE machine was behind it or whatever. But that’s hearsay, so we won’t know until maybe it happens that way . . . « 

Storm made some one-off appearances for IMPACT recently and he spoke about the relationship he has with Scott D’Amore that has made this possible.

« It was just Scott D’Amore, you know, who sent me a message and said, » Hey, we’re going to be filming in Nashville. I just wanted to see if you were available. We want you to come in and take part in that battle royal, surprise entry or whatever. « And I said, » Yeah sure. Whatever you need or whatever ”and we talked about it and we agreed and when I was up there they wanted me to come back the next day but I had [a] previous engagement. I had to get an autograph or whatever – they said, « Well Alex Shelley got injured, so you want to come back and be on a tag team with Chris Sabin? » I said yes. « Number one, it would be fun and number two, I want to prove to everyone else that I can go out there and still go if I have to, and so it was just one of those things. « . He says, « Okay, cool. So I landed at noon, drove straight to the building, dressed and stepped on and did what was asked of me. ”

James Storm also has a great working relationship with Billy Corgan and David Lagana who he worked with for NWA. He admitted that both men were actually trying to push him into the WWE when they got him aboard.

« I called and spoke to David Lagana and Billy [Corgan] because I still had a rollover clause in my contract in early February and they said, ‘Look, while you can give us a date at which Belt dropping ‘and I was going to do this WrestleMania weekend when they all do shows and I was like,’ Yeah. I am doing the right business. Whatever you need, just let me know . . . « because they told me, » This was actually our goal to get you there [WWE]. They belong – don’t say that NWA is not a big stage, but rather: You belong on the bigger stage. That’s where you belong and that’s how I always thought Billy and Dave were cool. ”(H / T to POST Wrestling for the transcriptions. )

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