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The Raiders have six games to prove what is possible but far from certain.

Apart from a 35:31 loss to defending Super Bowl champions Kansas City Chiefs, the Raiders had a playoff look on Sunday night. You played eight quarters against a team that lost exactly one game in more than a calendar year – against the Raiders – and were 28 seconds away from two.

The driving forces are trainer Jon Gruden and quarterback Derek Carr, but their presence guarantees none other than the Raiders at 6-4 who are an observable team the rest of the way.

The off-season mission was to better align with the Chiefs. With a 40-32 win and a 35-31 loss, consider the void closed. Probably more than most thought possible.

The Chiefs are used to getting the best shot of all as defending champions. The rematch with the Raiders would allow them to regain their dominance. The Kansas City players must have said goodbye and lost at Arrowhead Stadium. They had to think that they would be much sharper, much better, and no doubt.

Instead, the chiefs could barely escape. The Raiders had the Chiefs on their heels defensively. They went from head to toe as their peers rather than followers.

The Chiefs will win the division again with a 9: 1 and three game lead in AFC West. But a team that they paid little attention to has made great strides in direct competition.

Six more games against Atlanta, the New York Jets, Indianapolis, the Chargers, Miami and Denver. The hawks, jets and broncos are on their way.

But with the way the Raiders play defense, you could tell they went 3-3 and finished 9-7, which is far from certain. Or maybe 2-4, which would mean 8-8.

Don’t you think Matt Ryan couldn’t leave? Or Philip Rivers? Justin Herbert? They’re not mahomes, but they’re pretty good. Miami is 6-4 and much better. And the Broncos, wiped out by the Raiders in Week 10, have just defeated the Dolphins.

That’s how bad it’s defensive. A team with an offense that appears playoff-worthy could fall short because the defense just can’t stop its end. And if the crime is having a bad day, good luck.
Rookie cornerback Damon Arnette (20) tries to defend Tyreek HIll of the Chiefs. Getty Images

Football has six days before each game to fill out a media sense. Hence some of the things that crop up during this time are dubious.

How outraged the Chiefs, for example, about the Raiders’ « victory round ». Or the massive overreaction on social media when Raiders Defensive Coordinator Paul Guenther spoke about how good the Chiefs were on offense and how difficult it would be to defend them yourself with everyone in training.

Neither had anything to do with the result. If the Raiders play a few more games on offense, as good as they were, they win. If they play a game or two defensively on the last trip they win. In those tense moments, I have doubts that Raiders sang « Wheels on the Bus » or wiped away a tear because Günther doesn’t think they’re good.

That’s not to say that things like this shouldn’t be written during the week to kill time. It’s not like baseball, which has a game every day. But things are usually decided in the field.

Isn’t it pretty obvious that Carr was the best option the Raiders had of the season?

I’m not a coach, but he seems to have mastered the offense and respect of his teammates.

If weekly stories can take a plot to the limit in season, it is nowhere near as much as it is in the off-season. Gruden wanted a new quarterback and was a big issue. Has been since he was here.

Gruden was watching Carr closely when he arrived. But Carr moved all-in without reservation from the first moment. Carr is under contract until 2022 and could land the five-year deal.

Looks like all that « time in the system » talk and surrounding Carr with a better sideline was legitimate.

The fact that No.. 12 Henry Ruggs III’s overall design. Little stats, not a big problem, or minimal involvement in the production against the Chiefs. The offense couldn’t have played better.
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But just because the Raiders got along well with Ruggs as a decoy and clearer doesn’t mean he can’t be involved anymore. And not just because CeeDee Lamb made an impossible catch for Dallas and Justin Jefferson is killing him for Minnesota as the 2020 class recipient.

Carr externally supports everyone. But real trust is something that only he knows and that he doesn’t openly share. At the moment he trusts Waller, Hunter Renfrow and Nelson Agholor completely, even if the last drops have fallen.

As we’ve seen with Michael Crabtree and Amari Cooper, Carr is good at addressing receivers to the point where he’s not sure, and then things change. Gruden should look for ways to include him as well.

Together, Carr and Gruden can fix this, which is only fitting since they are the two people most responsible for the Raiders’ overall success in six games.

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World News – USA – Inside the Raiders: Five Things We Learned When we put down the loss of the chiefs
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