World News – USA – Jason Tartick had fever and groin pain during COVID 103: « I couldn’t walk »


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A tough journey. Jason Tartick and Kaitlyn Bristowe are fighting the coronavirus together, but the symptoms are very different. While the former Bachelorette, 35, was open to losing her sense of taste and smell, her boyfriend, 32, struggled with excruciating pain and a high fever.

« I had a fever for five days and then, on the sixth, seventh, and eighth days, I literally felt great – little energy, little taste / smell problems, nothing. And then in the middle of the night [on Wednesday the 30th. December] woke up out of nowhere and the two lymph nodes in my groin were so painful that I couldn’t walk, ”Tartick announced exclusively to Us Weekly. “At 4:00 AM Kaitlyn had to give me ice cream. ”

« They said that such swollen lymph nodes can happen – even up to the ninth day, » Tartick told us. « And I’m literally just sitting there with two ice packs on my groin trying to fall asleep. ”

The Dancing With the Stars winner added that neither she nor Tartick had difficulty breathing, but she wanted to take him to the hospital when his fever reached 103 degrees. Fortunately, they relied on their friends who work in the medical field.

« Kaitlyn and I say, » Are we going to the hospital right now? « As with my groin, » What is it? « So it’s nice to have these resources. . But one of the things they told us is to get those oxygen monitors. They cost anywhere from $ 15 to $ 30 on Amazon. You put it on your finger. They will tell you the amount of oxygen in your bloodstream, ”the Washington native explained. “That’s very objective, isn’t it? Even if you are scared and your heart is racing, this number won’t change. It is strictly objective. That was helpful to calm us down a little too. ”

Bristowe previously opened up about her fear during her COVID-19 battle and said via Instagram Stories that it is really easy to come down.

« I feel a little depressed and very anxious and scared, » shared the podcast host « Off the Vine » on Jan.. December with. « I worry if my smell and taste never come back? Then I’m afraid what if I wake up tomorrow and can’t breathe? What if I’m not okay the next day? I do all these what- if-if and i’m spiraling and i feel very, very concerned today. I hate when things are unpredictable and COVID is definitely unpredictable. ”

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World News – USA – Jason Tartick had fever and groin pain during COVID 103: ‘I couldn’t walk’


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