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Former Secretary of State John Kerry attended a panel discussion at the World Economic Forum (WEC) last week and the Great Reset was paramount to him. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen also attended the event, who looked forward to an upcoming presidency of Joe Biden and an imminent transformation of the planet’s economy.

The discussion focused mainly on the COVID-19 climate change and the big changes that the World Economic Forum believes are necessary to usher in the so-called fourth industrial revolution. Every globalist on the jury looked forward to the day Joe Biden took office, although that election result is still far from a certainty.

« The notion of reset is more important now than ever, » said Kerry. « I think personally . . . we are at the beginning of an extremely exciting time. ”

According to Kerry, some sort of reset was necessary to halt the rising tide of nationalist populism in the United States and abroad, which he described as « a reflection of the inability of democratic governments in many parts of the world to deliver » on key issues, with that citizens are facing.

Kerry had harsh words for those who voted against Biden: “What amazes me is that there are still many people who voted for the extent of the chaos and the violation of law and order and broken the standards and … I think that is why it is something that everyone needs to investigate. ”

And not just America, Kerry said: « I think Europe has to look at Brexit and increasing national populism – nationalist populism, » said Kerry. “Which is really one of the priorities that we all need to address. You can’t turn it down. ”

Von der Leyen applauded the prospect of a friendly face in the White House, as much can be achieved with the imminent reset, including writing a « new set of rules for the digital economy and society. ». ”

Like WEC founder Klaus Schwab, von der Leyen sees the coronavirus pandemic as an opportunity rather than a problem.

« So, from data and infrastructure to security and democracy, technology and fair taxes – all of these topics are on the table with the digital transformation, » said von der Leyen. “The need for global collaboration and this acceleration of change will both be drivers of the Great Reset. And I see this as an unprecedented opportunity. ”

And it would be helpful for the globalists to have an indulgent puppet like Joe Biden in the White House.

« It’s good to have a friend in the White House, » said von der Leyen. « We shouldn’t forget what strength we can develop …. We need a new agenda and of course we have to start with the most pressing issue, which is COVID-19 …. The second big topic is climate change, combating climate change …. The third topic is the technical topic. ”

Kerry swore that under a Biden administration, one of the first things would happen, that the United States would quickly rejoin the catastrophic Paris Agreement, but that’s not good enough, according to the former Secretary of State.

« I know Joe Biden believes that. It is not enough for the US to rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement. It is not enough for us to do the bare minimum of what is required, ”said Kerry.

« The Biden administration will focus on every sector of the American economy, » said Kerry. « There will be a target for 2035 to achieve network neutrality with regard to electricity and production …. We are ready to get back on track and help guide and raise Ambitions in Glasgow to accelerate this incredible ability for private sector transformation. ”

In other words, should Biden rise to the presidency, look for gas and energy prices to go up, end fracking and power outages to slowly get east from California to the rest of America.

Part of the discussion was New York Times media columnist Ben Smith, who has been ironic since last week. His own newspaper called the idea of ​​a great reset an unsubstantiated conspiracy theory. Although his newspaper believes so, Smith still believes the media will play an important role in the Great Reset.

« I think you can see that the mainstream media institutions get a little more confident as they try to set the national agenda. Said Smith.

Set a national agenda? Shouldn’t they just report news impartially?

James Murphy is a freelance journalist who writes on a variety of topics, with an emphasis on the ongoing anthropogenic joke about climate change and cultural issues. He can be reached at jcmurphyABR @ mail. com

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World News – USA – John Kerry speaks at World Economic Forum – The New American on « Great Reset »


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