World News – USA – John Mulaney was « crazy » about substances in Seth Meyer’s clip


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Posted: 08:15 GMT, Dec.. December 2020 | Updated: 08:17 GMT, Jan.. December 2020

John Mulaney checked into a 60-day cocaine and alcohol abuse rehab program this week, but eagle-eyed fans spotted something wrong back in November.

The 38-year-old stand-up comedian’s bizarre appearance on NBC’s Late Night With Seth Meyers in early November included a fleeting piece about the British royal family that was delivered when he was « no longer dealing with substances » on page six.

Eagle-eyed fans noticed that something was wrong with Mulaney’s looks and his sprawling and often uncomfortable delivery.

Warning Signs: John Mulaney, 38, raised concerns among friends and fans after making a bizarre appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers in early November, before going into rehab this week

Although the clip was shot in early November, it wasn’t released until March 24. It was shared online on November 11th and does not appear to have aired on television, possibly due to Mulaney’s behavior.

He was updated with Meyers with a segment titled Royal Watch: News from the Real-Life Crown, in which he joked that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were upset that the ongoing pandemic had reduced attention to the they had received from their decision to step back as « older » members of the royal family.

Mulaney immediately looked strange when he decided to wear a wrinkled duster and large sunglasses. These were gifts from Julian Casablancas, the singer of The Strokes who appeared on the last Mulaney hosted Saturday Night Live episode.

Mulaney joked that Prince Harry was « the real sucker of this fairy tale » . . . You stupid ginger, don’t leave your title just because you don’t like your 94 year old grandma. ‘

Strange Appearance: Mulaney wore a duster and large sunglasses in a sprawling royal family gossip section filmed in early November

‘That’s the definition of something you’re waiting for, gangsta. I’m pretty sure father’s time will sort out the case of the very old bastard who had thirty months to live, « he joked before adding, » Ahh, too mean. ‘

‘You thought it would be fun to roll with these dorken in church attire? Had you been told it was continuous laughter? Because you think of the Munsters, you stupid goose, « he joked extravagantly.

‘Just the fact that she wanted to leave the royal family because they said, « Be tidy and sit still » . . . So don’t get married to the most boring family ever and be like that. « Oh, shall we play Never Have I Ever? » ‘

Not Ready for TV: Meyers seemed upset with his friend and said that the segment may not need to go online until it has been edited, which apparently happened. seen in September 2019

Although Meyers and Mulaney have long been good friends and often have a jokingly antagonistic relationship in public, Meyers sounded tired as he tried to wrap up the segment.

‘I love having you here, but in the future it might be better to call if you just want to discuss things like that . . . We’ll see what we can use of it, but it could only be online, « he said, which seemed prophetic.

‘Thank you Seth, and as a student reporter once wrote of me, « Thank you for the laugh. . . [long pause] albeit virtual. « ‘

A source told the post that Mulaney was « crazy » about substances during the segment, raising health concerns.

Eagle eyed: A user referred to the clip on Twitter and wrote: “Three weeks ago I had the feeling that there was something * unusual * about John Mulaney’s performance at Seth Meyers. ‘

Worrying: A source said Mulaney was « crazy about substances » when the segment was filmed

On Twitter, a user referred to the clip and wrote, « Three weeks ago, I had the feeling that John Mulaney’s performance on Seth Meyers was * out * of something serious. ‘

« Yes, the same! » wrote another person in response to the same clip. “He just seemed very bad at this segment and I was very confused that it was strange to see and see him like that, but now it unfortunately makes sense. ‘

Following the news that Mulaney checked into rehab, his friends at SNL, including creator Lorne Michaels and star Pete Davidson, encouraged him to seek treatment.

Kind advice: According to sources at SNL, Lorne Michaels and Pete Davidson, both friends of Mulaney, have asked him for help. seen on 31. October on SNL

« He has a tight inner circle of friends who have been incredibly supportive of him by encouraging him to get help and staying super tense, » said a source on the sketch comedy series.

‘It wasn’t so obvious to anyone else that he was having problems, but to so many other people he was a stone that everyone knows they should get the help they need.

« Pete and Lorne have been incredibly helpful, » the source continued, adding, « Mulaney is like Pete’s older brother and they always tour together. ‘

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World News – USA – John Mulaney was « crazy » about substances in Seth Meyer’s clip
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