World News – USA – Let this AI bot wrap up your Spotify, but don’t cry to me when he calls you sad AF


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Spotify Wrapped has come and gone, but if you are still in the mood for a computer to spit out data about your listening habits you are in luck because a new AI generator is here to help you for your ( probably) to toast shit musical tastes.

This bot from The Pudding is going to judge your godly taste in music and just won’t hold back. No seriously, trust me.

As someone who went through a breakup this year and has a dangerous addiction to crappy bubblegum pop and soulja boy from the early ’00s, I’m not exactly sure what to expect when I asked a bot to shut me up roast meat. But Hoo Boy, that was a lot.

After going through a few pages of subtle toasting, the AI ​​will spit out a final page report on your musical tastes, giving you a multi-dash sentence summarizing your music year before going on to create a more in-depth report.

The report includes stats like your base percentage, plus a number of mini-fries that do 100 times more harm because you * know * they are correct.

Personally, I’ve been told that my taste in music is both low-cut-jean-pop-bad * and * heavy-eyeliner-Avril-Stan-bad. Both are incredibly true.

Basically, Fall Out Boy and Paris Hilton taught the algorithm that I’m a hot mess in 2020. I mean can you blame me.

Anyway, if you’re excited about your bad taste in music of Manic-Pixie-Dream-Girl and the fact that you * maybe * overdone it on the Soulja Boy this year, you can personalize your own let fry here.

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World News – USA – Let this AI bot toast your Spotify in a box, but don’t cry to me when he calls you sad AF


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