World News – USA – LG Unveils New QNED TV Using Mini LED Tech for Its Premium Display


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LG Electronics, known in the display market as the global leader in OLED TVs, has announced its new entry into the mini LED TV segment with its new QNED TV set to be released next year.

With the introduction of mini-LED technology for the upcoming premium LCD TVs with 4K and 8K resolutions, LG claims that this innovation « enables a huge leap forward in the picture quality of LCD TVs ». « The South Korean electronics giant follows other television manufacturers, notably Chinese multinational TCL, which introduced the technology in its 8-series last year.

According to LG, the new LCD TV (Liquid Crystal Display) will use ultra-small LEDs for backlighting. The new LEDs should be up to a tenth the size of the existing LCD televisions.

Top quality LCD televisions currently use a technique known as « local full array dimming ». « This method uses LEDs or groups as backlights behind the screen. These LEDs are controlled in zones, dimmed or brightened as required for better black level displays and better contrast. This leads to « richer » displays, especially in darker scenes.

With mini-LEDs, smaller lights mean manufacturers can put more of them into a unit, which allows for more precise controls and more zones that, in turn, display more contrast.

Technology that provides better quality images without a significant price increase is available on TCL’s 55-inch 6-series LCD TV for just $ 650. It is not to be confused with MicroLED, another technology found in newer televisions. While MicroLED is an entirely new technology that completely removes the LED backlight, mini LEDs don’t and are considered a brilliant upgrade from the existing technology.

In its announcement for the upcoming TV, LG says its LED backlight will be nearly $ 30. 000 « tiny LEDs », the peak brightness and a contrast ratio of one million to one (1st. 000. 000: 1), paired with near to 2. 500 dimming zones and extended local dimming zones. In-display systems, the contrast ratio refers to the lightest hue (white) compared to the darkest hue (black) that the device can display. For reference, the TCL 6 series has a native contrast of 4699: 1 and a contrast ratio with a local dimming of about 8196: 1

LG also announced that it will use quantum dot and nano cell technologies. hence the acronym QNED to take the color accuracy of these televisions to the next level. In quantum dot technology, synthetic nanoparticles emit light of a certain wavelength after being illuminated by a light source (mini-LED in the case of LG). .

On the other hand, LG describes nano cell technology as being able to « deliver more colors at wide viewing angles. « The technology uses the eponymous nano cells as an absorbent for » unwanted wavelengths of light « , which improves the purity of the colors, especially green and red, on the screen. In this way, viewers from different angles can see improved color accuracy when viewing televisions with nano cells.

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World News – USA – LG introduces new QNED TV that uses mini-LED technology for its premium display


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