World News – USA – Logan Paul hit with new lawsuit


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Logan Paul is about to have another fight, but this time in court, as the YouTube star and amateur boxer is suing by Planeless Pictures. According to the lawsuit (received from TMZ), Paul was scheduled to star in a 2016 film for Planeless Pictures called Airplane Mode in which he would play a fictional version of himself. The film was meant to be a parody of YouTube stars like Paul, and so it should include other influencers like his brother Jake Paul, Juanpa Zurita, Nick Bateman, Amanda Cerny, and more. Unfortunately, when Paul from Aokigahara Japan (or the so-called Suicide Forest) was filming and publishing, all progress in that film stalled, as did the big deal with Google.

Planeless Pictures says everything related to the movie collapsed after Paul released the video and received massive backlash. In the documents, Planeless says the idea was to distribute and market the film through YouTube and other social media platforms, including the influencer’s big followers.

This would have been an impressive first attempt at such a marketing approach, and that’s where the money comes in. According to the documents, Planeless had signed a $ 3 million deal with Google for the film, but after Paul posted the video of a man who committed suicide, Google apparently dropped the deal.

Planeless says Paul knew his video would end their deal, and he did it anyway. Now they say Paul owes them the $ 3 million he cost them. Planeless has not yet released an official comment on the lawsuit, and Paul has not yet responded to the report, but we will keep you updated when both happen.

Paul’s last message was released thanks to the official announcement of his show fight with Floyd Mayweather. Paul will be on the 20th. Compete against the undefeated boxer, who last fought Conor McGregor in 2017, in February 2021.

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World news – USA – Logan Paul met with new lawsuit
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