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Bamford missed another really good chance. This one isn’t that easy to hit, but Leeds can’t waste those opportunities. It’s far too easy to get a cross from a distance – Shaw was previously poor – and Bamford sneaks over his marker to go to the nearby post and push him over the bar.

Even Lindelof storms through the middle of the field! United has been working on something smart in training this week and it really works.

This is a strange game – it’s 3-0 already. . . What’s happening? Was Leeds Bad? I can not say it exactly!

It’s another quick attack through the middle, Martial leading it, and a tackle puts the ball perfectly in Fernandes’ path to drill it deep into the corner.

BAMFORD SCORES! It’s a bad pass from Shaw that passes the ball straight to Rodrigo who shoots, De Gea saves and Bamford converts the rebound on the volley really well. Bamford is clearly offside and the goal does not count.

Maguire tries to shield a ball for a goalkick but does not do well and clears a corner. It is fired at the near post and United breaks. . . and James is about to sprint past every white shirt! But he doesn’t.

Really smart from Man Utd here. You play through the middle of the pitch with one of the holding midfielders aggressively attacking and connecting a two. Leeds didn’t expect it and haven’t adjusted yet, resulting in United getting overwhelmed every time. Expect Bielsa to find a plug for it shortly.

McTominay’s runs from the deep make this game really difficult for Leeds. That’s what old Man Utd midfielders like Robson, Keane and Scholes did. You don’t sit and wait, you push for the target and help overload the opposition.

Another run gives Rashford a chance to put himself in a shot, but he can only force a corner that the goalkeeper claims.

HOW HAS BAMFORD MISSED ?! Well, I know how – he didn’t put his foot around the ball and only shot one shot past the post – but the Leeds forward missed a tremendous opportunity to fill the gap in this game. From about 10 meters away.

If you were unfortunate enough to see Spurs v Leicester earlier like me, then hopefully it has restored your confidence in football. It is nice to see. End to end, a lot of space is used, both teams are determined to attack.

This is a great game already! Raphinha comes into play at the back post as Leeds attacks and Shaw gets away with a small shot and denies a certain goal.

A throw-in goes to Martial, who holds his man back and then shoves a pass into McTominay, who ran from the depths to attack. It’s an absolutely brilliant run, an amazing first step, and a perfect finish. What a goal.

Bielsa sits on the sidelines and drinks his coffee or tea or whatever he has. It’s Christmas, so maybe a mulled wine?

Brilliant finish. Fernandes carries the ball to the penalty area at high speed after a tackle won by Shaw. He then dumps McTominay, who uses Alioski as a shield to disguise the shot he cuts into the bottom corner. Outstanding.

Great game by McTominay of fooling two chasing midfielders with a twist and then threading a ball into Shaw’s path on the left. Sometimes he’s a really good player.

Out to an empty, quiet stadium. This virus is getting pretty boring now. Please go away.

I hadn’t noticed how bad Man Utd’s home form is. So far a win after six this season.

What’s wrong with this boy? He’s such a good player but didn’t even make the squad tonight. Injury? I want answers!

In other news. . . . Dan James plays. I really want him to turn into a great player but I only see Medium right now. He’s young but without that pace has he got the game of a Man Utd winger?

Read pre-game here courtesy of Rob Bagchi, who tells us the story of the rivalry between these two clubs.

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One is a highly revered and respected coach, the other is often seen as « not good enough » for the role that he plays pretty well. It’s Bielsa versus Solskjaer, the champions versus the supposedly lucky contender, a Leeds return versus Man Utd – except the other way around because United are at home – and it’s very exciting.

When it comes to these managers, Bielsa can be sure that Leeds will have a better chance of winning the title this year than they will be sacked, but that is not so clear to OGS. For what it’s worth, I think he is treated really unfairly and did an excellent job to stop the decline and start rebuilding – if Man Utd win today they could finish third. If they win by three or four goals, second. Let’s say Spurs and Leicester end in a draw.

Not everyone agrees with my take on OGS, including ex-Man Utd manager Louis Van Gaal:

« United won’t be sacking a manager during the season, especially Solskjaer. I see all the stories about Solskjaer and his future in the media, but they were waiting to fire me by the end of the season and that could happen to him.

‘You waited to fire me until the end of the season and that could happen to him. « 

Suffice it to say that Van Gaal has absolutely no bee in the hood because he was fired from United. I do not care. No sir. Unless he’ll definitely keep talking about it if you ask him. This is what he said about them playing Manchester City in the derby:

« All Man Utd did was defend with 10 men. Everyone knows my relationship with Pep Guardiola, who is mad at me for challenging him in my last book, but I enjoyed seeing City more than United. I have a lot more sympathy for City than for United.

« Honestly, United was just defending, hoping they could get a quick hit on the counter. United only defends and puts a couple of players forward who can run 100 yards in nine seconds. Is that a world record?

To find out if United will act as Leeds’ servants you can either watch Sky Sports or read along here. Or both! Start is at 4:30 p.m..

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World News – USA – Manchester United v Leeds United, Premier League: Live score and latest updates from Old Trafford


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