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Established: Legislation to begin school as Branch Normal College was put forward in the Senate in 1873 but was not passed until 1875. Those of you who have read the Get To Know series will be aware that a “normal” college is tasked with training and preparing teachers in the state in which the college is located. For the UAPB in particular, they prepared black teachers as it is an HBCU. In 1927 they separated from the University of Arkansas and adopted the name Arkansas Agricultural, Mechanical & Normal College. They returned to the University of Arkansas system in 1972, which has been fun in a palindromic way since they left. Then they became Arkansas-Pine Bluff and gained university status.

Location: Believe it or not, Pine Bluff, Arkansas. I half-expected to find out that Pine Bluff is a nearby geological formation and the school is actually in a town with a different name.

Okay, but I’m bad at Arkansas geography. It’s about 45 miles southeast of Little Rock, the pretty dead center of the state.

Registration: In autumn 2019 a total of 2. 498 students enrolled, 2 of them. 240 as students. The Men’s Basketball Quick Facts Sheet 2020-21 states that they are now at 2. 800 are. In 2009 it was 3. 792, but have fallen steadily since then.

Here’s an idea for Marquette: UAPB celebrates every Thursday the 25th. It is closest to April, a Founders Day, to « pay tribute to those whose services and sacrifices made the University’s achievements possible, » and classes are canceled for that day. Very important question: Should Marquette have a university vacation to celebrate Jacques Marquette? It can’t be his birthday (1. June) or the day of his death (18. May) or the day he and Louis Jolliet St. . Ignace in Michigan (Jan.. May) or the day they entered the Mississippi (May 17). June). Figuring out a day in honor of Pere Marquette could be the hardest part of this idea.

Why « Golden Lions »? The ever popular student body voting. This took place in 1928, according to a former member of the soccer team. A student named Raymond Johnson suggested a lion as a mascot because they are the king of the jungle. That won the vote, and at some point someone added the golden descriptor.

Notable Alumni: Samuel Kountz, who performed the first successful kidney transplant between people who were not twins, is the big highlight on the old list, but there are quite a few professional footballers out there too.

Hey, you said they were an HBCU. Do they have a badass marching band? For sure! The Marching Musical Machine of the Middle South, or M4 for short, is the official UAPB marching band. Here they play Marvin Gaye’s Let’s Get It On.

Protect? None that are immediately noticeable. 6’8 ”Terrance Banyard from Milwaukee shot 36% a year ago to be the most accurate long distance guy on the team, but he only took 22 threes in 27 runs. Marquell Carter was the only UAPB player to have 80+ three-point attempts last year at 110, but he was a senior and is obviously not on this year’s roster. After Banyard, the second best shooter to return from last year and need more than a triple per game is All-SWAC Second Teamer Markedric Bell in the 2020-21 preseason. . . . . and he shot 20% on 45 tries.

Bigs? Nobody to jump out on you and make you say, « Look at the size of this boy! » The four tallest guys on the roster are evenly split, with two being at 6’8 « and 6’9 ». . However, none is heavier than Terrance Banyard and Omar Parchman, both of whom are listed at 215 pounds. Banyard, Alvin Stredic, and the aforementioned Markedric Bell were all on the team last year, while Parchman joins after an average of 8. 7 points and 5. 8 rebounds at Rend Lake Community College last year. Bell is the leading returning rebounder as mentioned above while Banyard was good for 4. 4 boards per game and 7. 9 points too. Stredic played relatively limited minutes in 27 of 30 games last season, with an average of just 1. 0 rebounds and less than one point per game.

Notable addition: We have to talk about Shaun Doss, Jr. Speak. , here, because technically it doesn’t fit anywhere else. As a sophomore at Iowa Western Community College in 2018-29, Doss averaged 12. 8 points, 4. 2 rebounds and 1. 7 templates. The 6’5 ”Arkansas native 12 year old. 3 points, 3. 0 rebounds and 1. 0 assists in shooting 33% from a distance last season. . . . . in UAPB’s first three games before sustaining an injury and out the rest of the year. I will say that it is a safe bet that he will be instrumental in what they do last year as no one managed to hit their scoring average in the other 27 games of the season. Doss was a Pre-Season All-SWAC Second Team Award winner prior to the 2019-20 season.

What To Look For: When I tell you that UAPB has ranked somewhere on KenPom for the past 12 seasons but two in the 300s, it gives you a general picture of what the Lions on the pitch looked like. There’s not much to show and say, « Oh, that’s good. « As you probably guessed from the ‘hey, they don’t shoot much’ discussion earlier, you probably guessed that Pine Bluff is actually pretty good at reaching the free-throw line. Via KenPom. com, they’ve each been in the country’s top 100 in free-throw rate for the past three seasons, including # 9 in 2018-19 and # 59 a year ago. Maybe things will change with the new additions to their squad from last year to this year, but not trying even three is something this coaching team kind of relies on. Hence, Marquette needs to be on her toes to avoid fouls as Lions try to spend most of 40 minutes getting to the edge.

The other thing to look out for is at the other end of the square. Pine Bluff has been in the top 100 in the country for defensive turnover rate for the past eight seasons and ten of its twelve seasons under his current head coach. Even if they weren’t in the top 100, they still managed to get a turnover rate north of 20%. Under Steve Wojciechowski’s guidance, for whatever reason, Marquette was a bit fiddly and never scored better than 86 in the offensive turnover rate. Place in the country. Given the many new faces on the roster and limited practice time due to coronavirus restrictions either enacted by the NCAA or the literal suspension of training a few weeks ago, this is not much time to band together into a cohesive unit that plays together and avoids sales. We’ll see what happens i guess?

A year late: « Not That » Jamil Wilson played 26 games for Pine Bluff a year ago, starting four times. While the Marquette Jamil Wilson is a lithe 6’7 « athlete who terrorizes opponents in basketball tournaments, Jamil Wilson of UAPB measured 5’11 » and 175 pounds. Her Jamil Wilson was a junior last season, but he’s not on the 2020-21 list.

Head Coach: George Ivory, in his 13th. Season at UAPB as head coach, he is the longest-serving coach in SWAC. He has a record of 136-248 overall, but has gone 113-103 in the SWAC game.

All-time streak: Marquette leads, 1-0. The lonely meeting took place on Jan.. December 2001 and the Golden Eagles won by 100-49. MU jumped under 8 to 35-6 before the timeout. Your table leaders for Marquette in descending order: Oluoma Nnamaka (17), Scott Merritt (15), Cordell Henry (14), Dwyane Wade and Odartey Blankson (13).

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