. World News – USA – More evidence of election fraud: Pennsylvania has more than 521. 000 « phantom voters »


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The struggle for free and fair elections in America continues. Over the weekend, mathematician Bobby Piton looked through millions of records in the great state of Pennsylvania and found something amazing: More than half a million votes came from so-called « phantom voters » – voters who just appeared out of nowhere and disappeared as quickly as they came.

Piton shared his findings in a series of tweets addressed to U.. S.. . President Donald Trump. The thread is not very long, but it does reveal a lot of details regarding the amazing fraud that occurred in PA during the recent presidential election.

The Honorable @POTUS @realDonaldTrump I have some absolutely breathtaking news to share about PA. I have a little over 9. 008. 753 records examined and 521. 879 unique last names identified. 245. 033 or almost 47% of all surnames in PA only belong to 1 and only 1 person!

He said he examined more than 9 million records – 9 to be precise. 008. 753 – and could 521. 879 identify « unique » surnames. These people did not share their last names with brothers, sisters, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.. which made them the aforementioned « phantom voters » according to The Gateway Pundit.

First, he said he found out that 245. 033 or slightly less than 47% of all last names in the state belong to one person. For some reason, these voters have no family member in the state.

Second, Piton said it was 695. 430 fewer people in the 1st. There are 000 top last names in the state based on the records. In particular there is for example:

. . . than it really is. Piton said these are « missing », « nowhere to be found » and missing in action (« MIA »). « What on earth is going on in PA, » he said.

Third, Piton stated that « exactly 500 of the 1000 best names » in the state have « a deficit in the number of people who should be there ».

He found the number of people missing from official records and found that, according to a « national estimate, » 958. 044 Pennsylvanians are nowhere to be found. « That’s an amazing 695. 000 to 958. 000 who just got up and left PA, « he tweeted.

Fourth, Biton found from some tables that phantom voters existed regardless of county. He checked unique last names against the records of all 66 Pennsylvania counties and found that there were still cases of questionable last names.

For example, in Allegheny County, Piton has 50. 651 unique surnames found. After reviewing with the other remaining counties in PA, 25 still exist. 498 unique surnames!

In Delaware County, Jan.. 879 unique last names were recorded, 13 remained. 566 cases of unique last names left after comparing them to the other counties.

« I don’t have the words I imagine for such an insane scam, » tweeted Piton. « That nearly 1 million Americans stole their vote! »

« Arrests must be made for this crime against the Great State of Pennsylvania, » he said.

Piton also stated that the election manipulation effort came from a centralized source. This « sophisticated state actor, » said the mathematician, « was able to optimize a desired result for both the state of Georgia and the state of Pennsylvania. « He said it seems the lack of PA » seemed to make up almost perfectly the average in GA. « 

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World News – USA – More evidence of election fraud: Pennsylvania has more than 521. 000 « phantom voters »

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