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Ljubljana – The government decided to extend the declared Covid-19 epidemic from October 18 by 30 days for another 30 days – until December 17, as the stricter lockdown measures began today. The latest data shows that Slovenia recorded 501 cases of coronavirus on Sunday as the test-positive rate remained high by 28%.. . Another 34 patients died from Covid-19, bringing the total deaths to 831. The number of Covid-19 hospital admissions increased to 1,264 with a record number of 207 in intensive care patients. The average of 14-day renewable cases per 100,000 residents decreased to 922. In presenting the statistics, government spokesman Gilco Cassin said that the virus is still spreading very quickly; The clone number is now 0. 93.

Ljubljana – Slovenia will not contest the decision of the General Court of the European Union rejecting the country’s appeal to cancel the European Commission delegated regulation issued in May 2017 that allows Croatian wine producers to use Teran, the name of a red wine protected by Slovenia, on private wine labels Their. The deadline for appealing the court’s decision as of September is Thursday, as the Office of the Prosecutor has informed the STA that Slovenia will not contest it. . This decision was made after the Ministry of Agriculture considered the court’s decision in September. This means that the court’s decision will take effect on Friday. Slovenia’s decision met with mixed reactions.

Ljubljana – Prime Minister Yaniz Gansha told MPs during the question period in Parliament that he would be happy to congratulate whoever is elected President of the United States. . In response to a question from opposition Representative Marjan Jaric, former prime minister, Jansha said that the elections in the United States are not over yet, which is what happens either when one of the parties admits defeat or the official results are announced. . Some decided to follow the media wave, but I decided the opposite. « We will see who is right, » he said, assuring the deputies that this would not affect future relations between Slovenia and the United States.

Ljubljana – President Borut Pahor said that there is still time for the government to congratulate US President-elect Joe Biden, as he gave an interview to RTV Slovenija on Sunday evening. When asked to comment on Prime Minister Yaniz Gansha’s tweets about the US elections, he said, « Everyone wants me to say that this was a mistake and that I got into an argument with the prime minister, » but added that he never did.. He also estimated that the government may have been late in introducing restrictive measures in the second wave of coronavirus infections.

Ljubljana – Miro Cerar, former prime minister and foreign minister, told Reporter in an interview that he expects a more balanced foreign policy for the United States and a return to pluralism under Joseph Biden. . He said that Prime Minister Yaniz Gansha’s tweets about the US elections were harmful to Slovenia. « We probably won’t notice. . . They are simply ignoring you and you have no particular access options. « . He also accused the smaller coalition parties of failing to counter the aggressive policies of the Jansha Democrats (SDS).. .

Ljubljana – Prime Minister Yaniz Gansha, while discussing his tweets related to the US elections in questions he posed in Parliament, was happy to notice how some of his tweets prompted what he called a « pro-American wave » among the opposition. « I hope that you will unanimously support our proposal to the United States regarding the deployment of a US military rotation unit in Slovenia and support the commitment of Slovenia to fulfill its obligations in NATO in a more consistent manner, » he said, but he did not specify. His office, in response to an inquiry from STA, said that it “did not comment on the prime minister’s words” nor provided any comment on whether this might have been an initiative by the Democrats led by Gansha (SDS).. Meanwhile, the Foreign and Defense Ministries referred the Counter-Terrorism Authority to Gansha’s office when asked whether this was a government initiative.. Back in the summer, after the United States decided to withdraw its forces from Germany to deploy them in other European countries, Jancha tweeted that American soldiers would be welcome in Slovenia..

Ljubljana – Slovenia has entered a two-week period of tight lockdown restrictions to break the cycle of infection with the Coronavirus, with the closure of all non-essential stores and the suspension of public transport. Exceptions include taxis as well as stores that sell groceries, personal care products, and inventory to farmers, pharmacies and product markets.. New border crossing restrictions also came into effect, as overseas property owners are no longer exempt from quarantine when crossing the border. All courts have also switched to lockdown mode, expecting urgent matters, until further notice. Health Minister Tommay Jantar said he expects the new, stricter measures to show their effects within two weeks, which is when they can start relaxing..

Ljubljana – More than half of Slovenes (26%) do not intend or are unlikely (31%) to get vaccinated when a Covid-19 vaccine is available in Slovenia due to their lack of confidence in the vaccine, according to a survey by Valicon, which indicates that People were more likely to contract Covid-19 if they were more susceptible. On the other hand, a sixth of the vaccination definitely planned and more than a quarter said they were likely to do so, with both groups totaling 43%.. Most of those who will get the vaccine do so out of a sense of responsibility towards others (50%) or to reduce the chance of infection (45%)..

Ljubljana – Minister of Agriculture José Podgorsk, on the sidelines of an online ministerial meeting in the European Union, indicated the impact of the epidemic on agriculture, in particular the repercussions on the wine, beer and beef industries. He said that the agricultural sector could not quickly adapt to the new conditions as consumers have adapted to the new reality, citing a decrease in bread sales and an increase in wheat and yeast sales as an example, adding that a potential boom in the home industry is here to stay.. In so doing, he announced that Slovenia would call for an extension of the EU’s temporary governmental aid framework until the end of 2021.

Ljubljana – Prime Minister Yaniz Jansha announced in parliament his support for relaxing rules on growing cannabis for medical and industrial purposes, saying the Ministry of Agriculture is already working on changes, which were expected to be confirmed in the spring. . In response to a question from Ganga Sloga of the Modern Center Party (SMC) Small Coalition whether the government is planning a comprehensive regulatory framework for this area, Gansha agreed that some of the rules for growing medical and industrial hemp « may be too strict and undermine the competitiveness of Slovenian producers ».

Ljubljana / Maribor – Support for the government and the majority of coalition parties decreased in the latest Vox Populi poll, while the opposition remained stagnant as the percentage of undecided voters increased. . Slightly fewer than 30% of respondents rated government action in November as successful compared to 41% in October, while the percentage of those who considered it unsuccessful rose to 66.. 8% of 49%, the poll released by Večer and Dnevnik shows. The Democrats remained firmly in the lead but lost a point to 20. 4%, the index of New Slovenia (NSi) decreased by 0. 6 points for 4. 6%, the SMC fell to 0. 2% of 0. 8%.

LJUBLJANA – Telekom Slovenije has posted a call to express interest in a 100% stake in its TS Media affiliate, whose portfolio includes news portal Siol. net, a search engine and web portal. si and Bizi Business Information Portal. Sa. The state-owned company selected KPMG as a consultant in the sales process. According to data from the Slovenian Advertising Chamber, Seoul. net is the second most popular news portal in Slovenia.

Nazarij – The BSH Hišni Aparati factory in Nazaré, considered the largest producer of small home appliances in Europe, reports good orders. The company expects to close a record business year, with targets exceeded by more than 10%.. The manufacturer will release more than eight million small home appliances this year, an increase of 1. Million in 2019. Similar growth is expected in 2021.

ROGAŠKA SLATINA – Steklarna Rogaška glassworks produced € 44. 4 million in sales revenue last year, 3 million euros less than in 2018. Net profit decreased by € 3. From 4 million to 1 euro. 3 million. A drop in revenue is also expected this year, mostly due to the crisis in the US market. Management attributes the decrease in profit to lower sales realization and additional inventory decrease, and to some extent also to lower fixed asset sales compared to 2018.

Ljubljana – The value of inbound travel in Slovenia has decreased by 56. 2% year-on-year in January-September, according to data from the Slovenian Central Bank. The drop is from about 2 euros. 2 billion euros in the same period last year to 961 euros. The global coronavirus pandemic has caused 61 million people, severely affecting tourism in Slovenia and elsewhere. September data shows that upcoming travel has brought in € 127. 59 million, down 571% from September 2019.

Ljubljana – The average gross wage in Slovenia in September was 1,799 euros, or 1169 euros net. Both numbers decreased by 0. 1% in nominal terms compared to August and at 0. 3% in real terms, data from the Census Bureau shows. If the average wage was calculated by the number of employees on the basis of the hours paid and regardless of the number of employees, the average gross wage in September would have increased by zero. 2% in face value compared to the previous month.

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM – Eurostat data showed that Slovenia suffered the largest decline in agricultural production among all European Union member states in 2019. . In Slovenia, output decreased by 3. 3% in 2018, up 2. 4% in total in mass. Three-quarters of the European Union countries experienced an increase in agricultural production at least per year, most notably Latvia (21). 1%) and Estonia (16. 1%) while Slovenia (-3. 3%) and Slovakia (-2. 4%) are among those that recorded a decrease.

Luxembourg, Luxembourg – Data from Eurostat shows that young people in Slovenia felt the greatest impact of the first wave of Coronavirus on their work compared to their peers in the European Union. The youth employment rate in Slovenia decreased the most among the member states in the second quarter of 2020. The employment rate declined in most member states due to the April-June economy shutdown, and the quarter-by-quarter drop was the highest in the past two decades..

LJUBLJANA – Researchers from the National Laboratory for Health, Environment and Food have discovered the presence of ribonucleic acid (RNA) for Sars-CoV-2 in wastewater from the Infectious Diseases Department of the UKC Ljubljana Hospital, the main Covid-19 treatment facility in Slovenia. The study, the results of which were described in the journal Science of The Total Environment, discovered the presence of viral RNA when only one patient was hospitalized there.. The researchers say their approach could act as an early warning system.

LJUBLJANA – The Finance Ministry said Finance Minister Andre Serselj had compromised his Facebook profile, adding that it had already notified bodies related to the incident and urged anyone who might receive messages from Šircelj’s profile to ignore it to avoid becoming a victim. To fraud. Cybersecurity incidents are on the rise in Slovenia, with the National Cybersecurity Incident Response Center, SI-CERT, recording more than 2,700 incidents in 2019, a 12% increase over 2018 and nearly six-fold during 2010..

Ljubljana – Slovenia remains at the top of its group in the UEFA European Nations League after achieving a 2: 1 victory over Kosovo in Ljubljana on Sunday evening through a penalty kick by Josip Ilicic in the last minute of the match.. . With a two-point lead over Greece in Group C of League C, the Slovenian team needs at least a draw against Greece on Wednesday to advance to League B.. Slovenia manager Matjic and Ilicic agreed that the victory over Kosovo was deserved, and they both praised the team’s personality..

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Slovenia, November 17, Tuesday

World news – US – Slovenia morning headlines: Tuesday, November 17, 2020
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