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World News – USA – MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle says she is « sick and scared » as she recovers from COVID-19

. . Ruhle spent the opening moments of the MSNBC show she hosted talking about how her battle with the virus showed her that the country's system for dealing with the virus was badly lacking.

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MSNBC presenter Stephanie Ruhle was back on TV Monday after spending two weeks in isolation with COVID-19. She spent the opening moments of her show talking about how her battle with the virus showed her that the country’s system for dealing with it is grossly lacking.

« We have a virus that is devastating our country and we have to do a lot more to stop it, » said Ruhle from home at the start of her morning broadcast. “And as a sick and frightened person, please take it seriously. It’s not over. ”

Ruhle said her husband woke up with a headache and a mild sore throat before finally testing positive the day before Thanksgiving. They immediately isolated themselves in various places – he in her New York apartment and she in her New Jersey home, away from their children who had pulled them out of school. They knew that Ruhle would likely be sick too, and she tested positive and had symptoms of a « terrible flu » within a few days.

She admitted that her situation is exceptional and that she has the privilege that many people do not. Still, Ruhle said she couldn’t find some test results and was confused by her husband’s phone appointment with a doctor.

« This stress isn’t uncommon – it’s the norm, » said Ruhle. “Americans across the country have been sounding the alarm for months about our arbitrary testing and confused guidelines. And the guidelines have changed since the pandemic began. Is it any wonder this spread continues? We are all confused. I still don’t know where we got COVID-19 from. ”

Statement from @SRuhle | The Covid diagnosis of my entire family showed how broken our system really is. Https: // t. co / VEPTdgLOl6 via @NBCNewsTHINK

Ruhle noted that her hairdresser was the only person who took her seriously when she told them she had the virus. This hairdresser had a very different experience than Ruhle because she had to cancel all appointments for almost two weeks, which meant that she was not making any income.

« She waited three hours to get a test. A test that came back negative eight days later, ”said Ruhle. « We ask that of America. Do you think millions of people really do this? The answer is many of them are not. ”

She said that hour workers who are uncomfortable keep going to work because they can’t afford to stay home while their employers look the other way. You don’t want to lose money. None of this will help, she said, as the CDC changes its guidelines, as it did last week. It is now recommended that people be in the coronavirus quarantine for 10 days instead of 14.

She said that most importantly, the government “does very little to facilitate compliance with these guidelines. The more privileged you are, the easier it is to do the right thing. ”

She concluded, « The only way we can get through this is to have a system that works for everyone, and now, more than ever, after having [COVID-19], I know that we absolutely do not do this. ”

You can find the latest coronavirus news and updates at https: // news. Yahoo. com / coronavirus. According to experts, people over 60 and those with compromised immune systems are still at the greatest risk. If you have any questions, please see the CDC and WHO resource guides.

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Ruhle spent the opening moments of the MSNBC show she hosted talking about how her battle with the virus showed her that the country’s system for dealing with the virus was badly lacking.

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World News – USA – MSNBC presenter Stephanie Ruhle says she was « sick and scared » when she was recovering from COVID-19
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