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World News – USA – MSNBC presenter Stephanie Ruhle announces that she is recovering from Covid-19

Ruhle has asked viewers to take the coronavirus pandemic seriously

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Ruhle, also a senior business correspondent at NBC News, reported on the diagnoses in an article published on Monday. She also addressed her experiences on the air.

“Until today over 14. 7 million have tested positive for the corona virus, « wrote Ruhle. “You can now add me, my husband, and our three children to that massive number. ”

The number given by Ruhle is reflected in the Coronavirus Resource Center at Johns Hopkins University, which is currently 14. 793. 047 confirmed Covid-19 cases in the US and 282. 522 deaths are listed.

Ruhle said her husband was the first to test positive for the disease the day before Thanksgiving. His symptoms included « headache and mild sore throat ». .

« My husband immediately returned to our New York City apartment for isolation, » she wrote. “I went to our home in New Jersey with our three children, who are 14, 11 and 7 years old, and quarantined myself separately from my children in a guest room above our garage. Having only this type of accommodation is a privilege. ”

Despite these precautionary measures, Ruhle also tested positive a few days later. Her symptoms, she said, « felt like a terrible flu ».

The anchor indicated several hurdles, e.g.. B.. Difficulty testing and contact tracking issues.

“My family is very lucky. We didn’t get super sick. We had access to tests, eventually got some results, and had the space and financial stability to isolate safely, ”she added. “We have supportive paid jobs and schools that can offer virtual learning. If I hadn’t had all of that, maybe it would have been much more difficult to follow the guidelines. ”

« We don’t have a vaccine today, » she said. “We have a virus that is ravaging our country and we have to do a lot more to stop it. ”

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Stephanie Ruhle, Coronavirus, MSNBC Live

World news – USA – MSNBC presenter Stephanie Ruhle announces that she is recovering from Covid-19
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