World News – USA – Police: Conflicting reports on whether shots were fired at Sevierville Walmart, no community threat


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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) – Sevierville police said three people were detained after a reported « active shooting » at the Walmart on the parkway.

The call came on Wednesday afternoon as an « active shooter ». Police said dozens of people were rushed out of Walmart just after 3:30 p.m.. m. According to a manager at the nearby Chick-Fil-A restaurant.

Police told WVLT News investigators that they were working to find out if a shot was ever fired in the store, but that remained unclear as of 6 p.m.. m. due to « conflicting reports. Police said there were multiple witnesses because the store was so busy with Christmas just two days away.

Police said there was no threat to the public or anyone in the area and no victims were found after searching the Walmart several times.

The Walmart remained closed on Wednesday night as officials continued to investigate the store. There was not a word about when it was expected to reopen.

Police said they are not looking for any more suspects as they believe everyone involved in the incident is in custody.

Cody Cummings told WVLT newscaster Amanda Hara that between 20 and 30 Walmart customers were safe in the Chick-Fil-A store he manages. The restaurant is next to the Walmart. Cummings said a civilian safe in his shop reported a fight between two men that resulted in one of the men pulling a gun. People nearby were alerted, causing panic.

Cummings said one of his employees was at Walmart when customers heard over the loudspeaker that a man was moving around the store with a gun.

Cummings reported that a SWAT team had been set up in the area, apparently looking for the possible shooter.

WVLT tried to reach the Walmart store but no one answered the phone lines. A WVLT News crew was on site.

#BREAKING Potential shooter at Sevierville’s Walmart, according to manager at nearby Chick-Fil-A. He tells me that there are 20 to 30 people living in his restaurant who fled after Walmart announced that a gunman might be walking through the store. @wvlt https: // t. co / VU9b4vDXv3

As a precautionary measure, some branch managers at the Tanger Outlets told WVLT News that their branches would be closed on Wednesday afternoon. However, officials said they did not believe the mall’s campus was threatened.

Sevierville, Tennessee, Walmart

World News – US – Police: Conflicting reports on whether gunshots were fired at Sevierville Walmart, community harmless
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