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spoiler alert! Don’t follow up if you haven’t watched the Season 4 premiere from Station 19

Station 19 takes us back to the tense meeting between Andy Herrera (Jana Lee Ortiz) and her presumably dead mother, Elena (Patricia de Leon), and if there’s time for the sparks to fly well, now’s the time to return to Andy’s life without warning At the end of Season Three, Elena had some explanation like, What did Pruitt know, why she never came back and what had she been doing during the 20 years she was absent?

As Andy learned during a verbal sparring match, her mother was suffering from mental illness – feeling all sorts of depression, sadness and shame – and chose to get up and leave when Andy was only nine years old. Elena ended up fighting fires for two years in New York City, and after 9/11. Pruitt tried to bring her home unsuccessfully Perhaps the most worrying thing was not wanting to apologize to Andy for abandoning her in the first place, the lie that she died an unfamiliar idea that Elena gave Pruitt walking out the door

« I’m definitely interested in a woman who gives up her nine-year-old, stays away from her life for decades, and then suddenly returns and barely wants an apology, » said director and executive producer Paris Barclay to ET. « That would be irreparable »

While the fire station deals with the Coronavirus, other characters in the 19-year-old range have seen their fair share of hiccups from Dean’s embarrassing realization that he actually loves you to Andy and Sullivan’s temporary 90-day break-up to Travis’ annoying discovery that his father is on a gay dating app, There’s a lot of drama coming for the firefighters at Station 19 with the season now in full swing ET hopped on the phone with Barclay, the executive producer and director of the Thursday premiere, to get the scoop on what’s coming

ET: What’s the most challenging thing about reframing this new season so the pandemic is at the fore?

Paris Barclay: As we were preparing for the season for the first month or so, we just talked about safety and how we can protect the actors and protect the rest of the crew in this environment so a lot of it was just setting up protocols while the unions were negotiating, we tried to figure out what we could do to preserve Have our entire crew take a safe look and then we got word that [Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19] Krista [Vernoff] decided that COVID would be part of the story and that we’d be embracing it. Actually, we breathed a sigh of relief, because that allows our actors to actually be in masks in a lot of Cases and being naturally protected, because this is the environment and when they come out, the extras will be in masks if they are in certain places and so on and so on, it just helped us create the show in the real world I mean, this is the season that will be the most realistic because of it, because we embraced COVID and also, It will be the safest season No one has caught the flu yet This season Knock on wood that holds up

The premiere really filled in some of the blanks about Andy’s mother and what she was going to do during the twenty presumably dead years Are we just scratching the surface with this particular story? There seems to be a lot to break with that relationship.

Yes, I think it will always be part of Andy’s story of what happened with her mother, how she dealt with her, how she grew up to accept her and even, I think, liked Pruitt more by the end of the episode, it will be part of our story, but we won’t keep going back to that. Andy’s character and we’re telling you more and more about it [for the time being]

It’s only been three weeks since their tense reunions. What will it take to reconcile Andy and her mother? Is this on the cards or are you interested in exploring it?

I’m definitely interested in a woman who gives up her nine-year-old and stays out of her life for decades and then suddenly returns and wants to apologize. I barely mean, I can only imagine that if that happened to me, it would be irreparable and so on, the effect of that would continue to affect Andy’s character And her psyche

Regarding Andy and Sullivan’s marriage, they decide to separate for 90 days while he goes through the process of his recovery. What obstacles await them as they try to achieve this goal? It’s Station 19, so I assume it’s not going to be easy

(laughs) How did you know that? It will be a struggle when you are forced to break up, when you want to be together, it will be a struggle and Sullivan has to find his own path. He has to find where he will work and how it will be suitable for him and Andy has to continue her job as well, and deal with the pain of losing her beloved father and the struggle with Her mother They both happen a lot in their lives, and it may be advisable to do it separately, but because they love each other, they want to be together and they want to support each other through what each of them is going through. This will be the tension that weaves. We are now in episodes 5 and 6. The tension continues. They are still trying to figure out how it will turn out.

Sullivan is currently unemployed. What are the odds that he will return to the age of 19 in some capacity? What is his professional outlook?

It must be difficult if you are at least accused of a felony whose case has not yet been tried and adjudicated, so there is still a process by which you decide whether or not he is officially out of force forever or not there is still something coming for him but Now forgotten now, you’re right he doesn’t really have a job throwing his gear at his partner’s feet and walk away but the good thing about Sullivan is that he’s resourceful, strong, and skilled and when you have as many skills as Sullivan, and magic among them, you may be able to find your way / p>

Dean realizes that he may already be in love with you, but she moves in and moves in with Travis until Dean says he knows “what he has to do now.” Can you give us a hint of what he means?

I can’t give you a hint, but if you look at Dean’s character, you’ll see that he made a choice. He chose to protect his family and protect his friendship with you. He’s making positive and positive decisions. He’s not trying to hurt anyone. He’s trying to do what is best for his family than him and Pro, but Also for his family at Station 19, which includes not getting into a relationship with Vic, as he thinks he will continue to struggle with that and that will be a really interesting arc for him and Vic whether or not they get together, you have to stay in touch

Four seasons ago, I wouldn’t tie Jack to be the voice of reason, especially when it came to matters of the heart. Is this new Jack here to stay?

You’re working on something out there I think what’s going on in the world of Krista Vernoff and the world of her book is everyone has to grow some people out of what they seem to be and become more of what they look like Jack is one of those people who has grown further away from what they originally seemed. To something that actually has a much greater understanding of what he went through in dealing with his foster childhood and dealing with the relationships he forged and actually got into therapy with the character Tracie Thoms, you can see that he started to change and grow and you see that it may become the voice of the mind over time it may become increasingly Less like Jack of yore, more like someone who realizes it’s time to grow up.

There was a seed planted at the premiere that might be on a potential new romantic relationship Will he find love?

It’s a good question, but as you know from watching your Shondaland shows, it’s very hard to find love, and what sometimes appears to be love isn’t always love Part of the interesting thing about Jack this season is, is it real or is it just Memorex ? As we used to say in the old days Jack went through so many different relationships and some were very fast and most of them were fruitless the question is, does he really want to dive into another one? And does he really want to take the risk again? And even if he did, is this the right situation for you? As Jack grows, it will become increasingly complex.It was very easy for him just to do this but nowadays, as he matures, it becomes increasingly difficult to establish those relationships that were bound by him with reckless abandon I definitely hope he finds love nonetheless. Because I’m the root of Jaco, my kids I have two teenage boys who are rooted to Jack too so I can tell you that, at least in my family, we hope Jack finds love.

Stefania Spampinato also moves to station 19 full-time from Grey’s What value does Karina’s character add to the show, especially regarding her relationship with Maya?

They both light up the screen as we like to say the two have an undeniable chemistry that really becomes the central heating of the show and I love to watch it so many people like to watch it together Bringing her to Station 19 is a win for both of us, because she still appears as the obstetrician who She’s in Gray, and it can still be seen in her relationship with Maya gives us so much flexibility to get more of her She’s a great actress, and I don’t think I’ve ever made a scene with her where she disappointed me in the least we’re on the moon to get more of Maya and Karina in Our show the audience will be pleased. Station 19 broadcasts Thursday at 8:00 am ET / PT on ABC

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