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After decades of hiding, Elizabeth shares her childhood trauma.

If you thought the first look at Elizabeth’s roadside panic attack last week was shocking, buckle up.

The final episode starts right where we left off. It begins with Elizabeth and Braunwyn on a hike in Lake Arrowhead. The first episode tells for the first time about her experiences in a religious cult and how this trauma has consistently affected her life – even when she tried to seal herself off with a wall of cash and Ferraris.

Say what you want about Braunwyn (everyone else does), but she was the perfect person to be on the receiving end of this revelation. She has both the demeanor and vocabulary to make Elizabeth feel safe to start sharing. nothing can shock you. « This is your story to tell, » Braunwyn assures her. « It’s okay to tell your story. ”

Tell Elizabeth: By the time she was 13, she grew up in a religious cult headed by her grandmother and her father a major preacher. What she wore, what she ate, where she went – everything was controlled by the Church. Even as a child, she sensed that the situation was not right, but what can a little girl do about it? How can children articulate their instincts?

« I was a great speaker, » she says with a dry laugh. « Obviously. You know that. As such, she recalls that she was often locked in a closet to be punished for being too talkative with outsiders. After the young Elizabeth revealed too much to a neighbor, her family was eventually kicked out. The complication of her trauma from the abuse she has endured within the cult is this strange, ongoing guilt for putting an end to it. « I felt like I did something wrong all my life, » she admits in a confessional.

As Braunwyn tells her, however, « You don’t have to live with that for the rest of your life. Now this secret no longer has that power ”- and Elizabeth seems relieved to have shared it, though afraid of what it means to share it. « I’m just worried that when I talk about it, everything I made, everything I am will go away, » she admits on camera. Even her voice sounds different in those confessionals, losing some bravery and the impression that she is always on the verge of laughing.

Ultimately, the FBI stopped the cult; She invites Braunwyn to look it up. « I don’t google anything anymore, » replies Braunwyn wearily. Probably smart.

Nearby, Gina and Kelly (assisted by instructor Bonnie, to whom I express my sincere condolences) are doing their best to Lucy and Ethel as they try to fish. Unfortunately, even Gina’s dog rescue expertise isn’t enough to save the first one they’re in, causing them to ponder the possibility of a fish heaven in a confessional. In real time she only reflects on Kelly: « That’s just f — in life, isn’t it? »

When Braunwyn and Elizabeth come over to them, they quickly recap Elizabeth’s news. Gina, bless her, knows how to ask a simple question, and when she does, Elizabeth sheds more light on the horrors she has endured: she has been molested many times and « in many situations. ». « She had a crush on a boy from the neighborhood and her information about the cult came in the form of telling him the way she had been treated. “I never knew otherwise. I thought that’s what [people] did to children, ”she says in a quiet, heartbreaking moment, still trying to explain herself for the“ betrayal ”that ultimately saved her.

Just as Elizabeth concludes that talking about it makes her feel better, she draws her line. Amidst the group’s screams, she stumbles in a tiny fish, and Gina gives it back into the lake – fortunately still alive.

It feels weird jumping into the rest of the episode after such a difficult story, but we have to start. The rest of the hour is again mainly about the pandemic. Towards the end of their trip, the ladies find that Shannon tested positive and that John doesn’t look good either. « This is the worst news I have ever heard. It kills my mood, ”says Kelly, who, despite being told by some Marines (?) That her O-positive blood type is“ bulletproof ”(???), has to cancel her wedding planning trip to Napa. (Coincidentally, the wedding date she is dying to keep is the same as Cynthia from RHOA: 10. 10. 2020. ) When a panicked Braunwyn, a bad mood, Kelly and an emotionally exhausted Elizabeth pack up, our Lake Arrowhead Greek choir, Gina, sums it up: « Looks like we probably won’t be doing a girls trip for a long time. « . “Right, Gina.

Back at OK, the vacation housewives aren’t the only ones having a homecoming. Shannon has to go back to her own house; She’s lived with John since her kids tested positive, but now that she’s positive too, she has to stay away from him. Their three daughters now have to pay for the fun they had at home alone and are greeted by shrill cues that they didn’t put away clothes, washed dishes, or picked up dog poop. Shane also goes home after leaving the hospital and then confirms Emily’s assessment that he is almost normal again with the retort: ​​ »And you annoy me, so you are normal too. Welcome home Shane!

After her transformative weekend, Elizabeth shares everything with her boyfriend Jimmy and is amazed that he didn’t avoid me afterwards, but simply loved me. « Jimmy, who was basically cute but pretty calm before, gets a star-making moment by telling her with great emotion, » You have an open heart and that’s the only thing you can do in this world. He is not put off by her story at all, but is inspired by her resilience, and he believes in her ability to share this with other people. “I want you to show them that. I want you to be their light. I am deeply moved. What a week for Elizabeth!

After all, Braunwyn’s home isn’t exactly Braunwyn’s happy place either, as much as the lake house scared her. She talked a lot on the trip about her best friend Shari, whom she affectionately calls her « wife, » and admits Emily (who knows the horrors of COVID but is exposed ?!) at the end of the episode that Sean is jealous of like much she relies on Shari instead of him. « If he doesn’t like this, you don’t have to . . . Don’t do that? « asks Emily, and Braunwyn looks like it really never occurred to her not to do what feels good. After all, she’s already cut herself off from alcohol, which used to feel good.

And that’s not to mention that she shuts herself off from her true sexuality, which is hinting at more and more this season. Braunwyn tells Emily that drinking helped her bury parts of herself that she wanted to hide, but without the haze of alcohol and with the added pressure of quarantine, those parts come to the surface. « I created this perfect life, » she admits in a confessional. « And I don’t feel it. ”

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