World News – USA – Silverstein, Uhring Call for Independent Investigation Committee


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MALIBU, CA – Newly-elected councilors Bruce Silverstein and Steve Uhring have jointly sponsored a bulk proposal aimed at expanding the city council’s ability to scrutinize city government and increase public transparency.

A 54-page proposal submitted for January review on Tuesday. 11 The council meeting calls for « inspection and information rights », plans a biannual review of city administrator Reva Feldman, and sets up an independent subcommittee to investigate allegations of corruption by former council member Jefferson Wagner.

The first section of the proposal contains a number of proposals to improve transparency and ethics. Among other things, all city business information that is made available to one or more council members would be required to be made available to all council members and the public at the same time, with the exception of rare exceptions and all interactions, including face-to-face those who recorded and transcribed.

It would also prohibit private communications between the prosecutor and anyone in the city, unless it is in writing and shared with all other council members, and strengthen the ability of council members and the public to obtain city documents.

The proposal would create an « agenda subcommittee » made up of the mayor and another council member elected in the most recent parliamentary elections, which would have to approve the agenda item. The proposal also envisages a number of reforms for council meetings, including more time for local residents with dissenting views and the opportunity for local residents to comment on council members’ comments.

The proposal also challenges City Manager Feldman’s performance appraisal meetings, many of which resulted in « no reportable action » and subsequent pay increases, the prosecutor said. The proposal stipulates that the city council hold a public vote on whether to conduct a semi-annual public review, with the option of public opinion.

The core of the proposal, however, is arguably the requirement to set up an independent commission to investigate allegations of corruption. The proposal argues that the city’s response to the Woolsey Fire has not been adequately investigated as a proposed investigation has been downgraded to an « identification » of measures to improve the city’s response to the next fire. The proposal alleges that this ID did not have the necessary funds or staff and urges an investigation by members who lack personal or financial ties with the defendant.

A new subcommittee, presumably made up of Silverstein and Uhring, would have the city council subpoena powers to investigate Jefferson Wagner’s affidavit alleging bribery and corruption in town hall. The proposal argues that the investigation promised by Mayor Pierson does not include Feldman – who in the affidavit has an indirect link to an FBI raid on Wagner’s house – and interim prosecutor John Cotti, whose law firm Best Best & Krieger is also involved , should include. Former prosecutor Christi Hogin was part of the same firm, and Wagner claims she did nothing when he told her he was bribed by a salesman fishing for a city contract.

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« It is indisputable that there is a significant risk that the alleged prosecutor’s representation of the city of Malibu in relation to matters relating to Wagner’s affidavit is by the own interests of the alleged provisional city’s attorney in order to avoid the Civil or criminal liability is severely limited by a member of his law firm and / or the firm itself, « the proposal says.

Times Square will be nearly empty for this year’s Ball Drop, but millions are likely to tune in online. Here’s how to watch for free.

The proposal also argues that law enforcement agencies are inadequate to investigate the matter as some of the issues go beyond the statute of limitations, others may require a criminal trial with a jury, and law enforcement agencies like the prosecutor – who made the raid on Wagner’s house have arranged – are also involved.

Since the report was drafted, Silverstein has asked Feldman to post a statement promoting the main points and rationale of the proposal on the city’s website. Since they released a mayor’s statement on Wagner’s allegations, Silverstein and Uhring should be able to post as council members.

« Since you appear to believe that individual councilors have the right to speak on the city’s website, Facebook page and social media to make personal statements which will be passed off as the ‘Malibu Declaration’, I request that you publish the following statement under my signature, « wrote Silverstein in an email to Feldman without receiving a response.

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World News – United States – Silverstein, Uhring Call For Independent Investigation Committee


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