. World News – USA – SKCvSJ Quotes: « I think this team is built for the playoffs. « 


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Part of the playoffs is always to pass the first game. I would say these opponents were incredibly difficult for so many reasons. Your game system is not what you regularly see as a team. We’ve been trying to emulate them in training for two weeks and it’s difficult because our players don’t play that way. It’s hard to get a team to play like this, so I give them a lot of credit. You played very well. They have a great mentality. Their work ethic was enormous. In the end, I’ve never seen a goalkeeper do this before. Survive, carry on, get ready for the next game. That is surely the playoff mantra.

I was surprised it took as long as it was. This happened to us in the game against Chicago, a very similar situation. In the end there is nothing I can do about it. It has happened to us several times this season, along with a lot of other things, but our staff, our players and everyone have decided that we should just focus on ourselves and try to do whatever we can to win the games and realize that we won’t get any help on the way.

He’s just really good at it. I’ve never seen that in my life. I’ve never seen a goalkeeper make the first three saves on penalties. I never saw it. It says a lot about Tim. He does this regularly. There is something special that he has. It’s really. He’s a different level. I’m not very surprised, but I was surprised tonight.

When he walked into the locker room after the game, I said to him, « I can’t say enough about your efforts tonight. « Everyone always looks at the goals and the templates, but also at the work that they put into the game and at what I asked them to do. « . He did it for almost 120 minutes. The child is special. I’m happy for him because he works really hard and deserves to do the contribution he did tonight. He’s an excellent player and I appreciate the way he does business every day. I really do.

You score, start, whistle. The game is over and now we have to work overtime. At that moment, I was concerned that, from an emotional standpoint, they had the momentum. I could tell our boys were downstairs. You were upset. I had to do everything I could to change that in the first few hours of overtime. They got along very quickly. I thought we handled the two hours of overtime really well. Some of it has to do with having some real leaders on the team, and some of it has to do with the fact that I think a lot of our young people who have been in the field are realizing this is their opportunity. You won’t believe that you will have many of these in the future. You are concerned with the present. I recommend her for that.

It was a very special experience from the start. In my first playoff game I was excited but a little nervous. When the game started I treated it like a different game and it’s great for me to score points and get an assist because I want to influence the game. Every game I wanna play. Getting one under the circumstances was very special and I’ll remember that moment, but I just want to move forward and win the next few games.

It’s easy for teams to bow their heads after giving up a late goal after just scoring, but I think this team is designed for the playoffs. We have a good strong mindset and everyone knew we gave up a goal and it’s pretty bad, but we still have 30 minutes and penalties to win this game. That happened and everyone was confident moving up, using them and we have the best goalkeeper in the league which made it pretty easy for us.

It’s unreal. I’ve seen a lot of football and even played a lot of FIFA and I’ve never seen anything like it. To make three parades in a row is just unreal. The guy is great in them and I can’t even meet him in practice. That makes it a lot easier for players when you have a goalkeeper like Tim to save the penalties.

I feel this year has been difficult for everyone and difficult for all of us. With the MLS is Back Tournament it was a difficult experience for everyone to get fit again. For me, playing the six and pretty much everywhere this year has developed me more as a player and as a person who has just learned to improve and help the team in some way. I feel like I’ve learned a lot this year and matured a lot this year and it is gradually showing with more goals and templates and I hope I can keep doing that. Peter [Vermes] has been a great mentor and coach to me and he has trusted me extremely well. He believes in me, it gives a player a lot of confidence. It makes it a lot easier for me to just focus on the game.

It was difficult. At this point you think the game is in the bag and then suddenly we’re not as clean as we should be defensively and now we’re in two 15 minute overtime hours. When I say that I think the team’s efforts in the sense that we were tied, that we were down, that we were tied, and just the emotions of getting hit in those big games and then in overtime together to come and be very compact defensively without giving up. All we need to get through is something we can really build on.

About the late drama about you and Chris Wondolowski, two of the most unlikely success stories in league history …

I think Wondo [Chris Wondolowski] will crush me in a landslide. What he’s done in this league is amazing and what he’s like as a person. He is humble. At 37, he is the hardest-working man. I just told him after the game that I hope he’ll keep going. If you hit that big time goal in one game, this won’t be the year to end. He has the quality to carry on. He has the engine to keep going and this is a character that you would want to have in your locker room so I hope he keeps going.

No secrets to speak of. It’s a collective effort of everyone using a million different variables and then just trying to execute them in the moment.

Any time you can impress Peter [Vermes], that’s a good thing as it doesn’t happen very often. It should be less about me and more about the fact that our boys rose at a great moment and got three very good penalties. I understand that I have saved and they will talk about it, but the quality of our shooters is special. As a goalkeeper, you just tell yourself if you have the talent you have, all you have to do is save one and the guys will do the job for you and all three did it.

I just want to get ahead. If I save them all, or if I save zero and we move forward, the focus is on wanting to move forward and do well only for our club, for ourselves and for our families. The individual effort is not as important to me as the collective effort and achieving the goals we set at the beginning of the year.

I don’t know how much this is a mental game. I don’t think people – outfield players in particular – spend a lot of time studying goalkeepers. Penalty percentage is so small that it won’t be saved if he gets a really good penalty. I don’t think shooters think of the goalkeeper, but I could be wrong.

I don’t remember if it was the top three, but I was in an Open Cup game with Charleston [Battery] against the Chicago Fire and it could have been three or four. I didn’t save all three. I think one person hit the bar, but either three or four have happened (in my career) before.

I want to congratulate Sporting Kansas City on the passage. What I told the players is what I feel: I felt like we gave our last drop of sweat to the last second. It’s been a positive year. We participated in two tournaments and both. For moments it seemed like San Jose was dead, but we came back. Today we played against the first-placed team at the conference. We played an excellent match for 120 minutes. Football has these things in penalties; sometimes it works in your favor and sometimes against you because of the virtue of the adversary. In this case with their goalkeeper. But I thank the players, the two years that I spent with them, and I thank them for the difficult year that was difficult for everyone. I feel like I got the best out of them and they made me a better coach.

I felt calm. If the team you coach had chances ahead of their goalkeeper in building a game, we knew the draw would come. We came back quickly after conceding the first and second goals and we never stopped fighting after the third goal when there were only five minutes left. This is the love I asked the players for, the passion of never giving up. Sweat until the last game. I cannot be more grateful to all of them.

First of all, I will remember the changes in football in each and every one of them. For the first time in my football career, I had never gone through moments as difficult as the one we had. I take this as a great lesson. I will remember every training session and every time we have prepared for a game. I will remember their intelligence. No doubt that I will remember this year as a tragic year for the world. I’m grateful for the league and for being able to train and do what I love during a global pandemic.

I enjoyed watching the youth grow and I really enjoyed watching the veterans with a desire to keep growing, with excellent willingness, excellence, and the path that we have in our athletic family search. They gave their experience and other important things just like any other player. With the comings and goings of players and coaches throughout my career, the important thing is to leave behind a human aspect that is far better than football. I think we achieved that thanks to them.

consumed. I think that’s the best emotion to describe right now. We all left it out for 120 minutes and to be honest I think both teams did it. I think it was one of the cleanest and most physical playoff games. I thought both teams came to attack but were still out there to play the game. We connect passes. Do I wish we had won? Yes absolutely. I think we’ve done a lot of right things and things we’re proud of, but in the long run we haven’t done enough.

It was invigorating. I know these rules are in place and I appreciate that because it was a necessity during this pandemic. Again I think it’s a necessity and something we absolutely must have. That being said, I think it was only a third full, half full. Not sure what the exact numbers are, but it was amazing just to hear a lot, to hear an atmosphere. It motivates you. You can not change it. It’s that extra drive, extra energy. To be honest, it doesn’t matter to me whether you stand up for me or against me. I love a good atmosphere. I think that it just pulls you a little more under the spell.

I spoke to Peter [Vermes]. He asked if I was done. I don’t think I’m done. You know i love it. I can not get enough of it. I have a passion. It is in me. It’s in my blood. I want to keep playing. I have nothing in mind yet. I haven’t discussed any numbers and I never want to weigh on the quakes. I want to make sure all the options are shown and the features available are shown. I think the Quakes do some amazing things and I want to make sure there are parts that can be moved to keep this team growing and getting better. This is my lengthy story right now. Yes, I would like to play next year. Other than that, there is absolutely nothing. I didn’t even discuss it to be honest. I’ve never spoken to Jesse [Fioranelli] about a number. . I know the door is open, but I was determined to put all I have into this year, and I did. Now I have to reevaluate. I just want to reassess everything: my personal life, my life, where I want to be, and also where the club should see the direction it is going.

Yes, it was wild. It was an extremely emotional game for me, just not knowing how many of these options I will still have. When I was 2-2, I was looking forward to Cade [Cowell] because I know he can make a difference, but it was also very difficult because I was out of control now. It was emotional but for us the cross from Cristian [Espinoza] and the goal from Wondo [Chris Wondolowski] in the end was just insane. My heart still hurts a little from the game, but it was a great experience.

Man, we have so much character, this team. The season we’ve had, what we’ve been through and then this game has, you are right, a lot of what has happened this season: one goal down, then one up and then another goal down then with to end the PKs. I think this team has a lot of character. We’ve grown a lot as individual players. I think every player is better now than they were at the start of the season and I think we are better men too. We support each other. We encourage each other. We developed a little more than just becoming better soccer players, which was cool. I want to keep growing. I want to keep seeing this team and group grow. I want to achieve more.

It was intense. It was an intense game. I think there have been a lot of fouls, a lot of interruptions. Man, I honestly thought if we were 2-1 we would win 4-1, but they came out and scored another quick corner goal. What I loved about our team is that we stayed calm and adhered to our schedule. We held property. We walked side by side. Even in the 95. Minute or whatever it was, we were still passing the ball and found Cristian [Espinoza] going wide, taking a cross for Wondo [Chris Wondolowski] to score. It was an incredible serenity and ability to stick to a game plan. It was a classic. It was intense. I will never forget that. It’s very similar to the Open Cup game we had here a few years ago and where we also lost on penalties. Just a game I’ll never forget.

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World News – USA – SKCvSJ Quotes: « I think this team is built for the playoffs.  »
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