World News – USA – SNL With Pete Davidson as Eminem ‘Stan’ for Santa Claus


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A digital short film from Saturday Night Live faked Eminem’s famous music video « Stan » with a Christmassy touch. There was even a brief cameo from Eminem at the end of the sketch.

The 2000s song with Dido tells the story of a crazy young man who claims to be Eminem’s biggest fan. After Eminem failed to respond to three of his letters, he drives off a bridge and kills himself. The SNL version replaced Eminem with Jason Bateman as Santa Claus. The sketch begins with one of Santa’s elves saying that a letter from dear Santa is “a little strange” but “starts normally. ”

It immediately comes to Pete Davidson when “Stu” reads from his letter: “Dear Santa, please bring me a PS5. I tried to buy one at a Walmart, walked through the mall like Paul Blart. I tried to find one on sale but the thing is they are all out. Yo, I even went to a game stop and then said, “Oh, wait, stop, Santa can make one. ‘”

« Dear Mr. Holly Jolly, son with two faces, » Davidson later writes. “I hope you overturn your sled and end up face down in a ditch. I think even the great Saint Nick can’t find a PS5. Hey Santa, I drank a fifth of eggnog, can I drive? You ruined Christmas. I wish I never told you what was on my wish list. ”

« I think it’s time to write a letter back to Stu, » Bateman interrupted. “Dear Stu, I think you have the wrong address, brother. I am not a Santa Claus. ”

The sketch ended with Eminem saying on a television screen, « This is insane. A PS5? I didn’t even ask for it. I think Shady must have been a good boy this year. Sorry, Stu. You did it. ”

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World news – USA – SNL With Pete Davidson as Eminem ‘Stan’ for Santa Claus


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