World News – USA – Southampton chief opens fight against deadly viruses


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Monday 23. November 2020, 3:22 pm

By Hazel Nolan

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The Austrian was in the intensive care unit fighting a disease that was mainly transmitted by rodents.

Ralph Hasenhuttl has his sights set on a clash with wolves in the Premier League tonight.

If he wins, his team will move up to third place in the table, but before that he has faced a deadly disease that left him fighting for his life.

Hasehuttl says that his fight against the hantavirus, which can damage internal organs, almost cost him his job at the time.

« I thought, » Why should I die from such a virus? « But it was definitely serious. I was in the hospital and intensive care unit for more than two weeks.

« I was in great pain. It was not nice. I don’t want to have this again after I know how it feels.

« It happened a little more often there. That was why we checked – and then knew I had this virus. You have to wait for your body to make antibodies and then hope to survive. « 

The ordeal kept him away from football for some time, so that he almost lost his position as manager of the German third division club Aalen.

« It was definitely serious. I almost lost my job back then because I had a very long time off.

« I just got promoted to second division with a third division. I didn’t know when to start again and it almost cost me.

« But then I came back just before the season – and it was a successful one. I was still without electricity, without energy. It was’nt easy. « 

« It’s human that you forget what you’ve been through, and that’s a good thing. If it weren’t for you, life wouldn’t be very good.

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World news – USA – Southampton boss opens fight against deadly viruses


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