World News – USA – Sport: León had the best season but we can beat anyone, warns Uriel Antuna


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Striker Uriel Antuna warned that Chivas will go for victory tonight at Akron Stadium as both games are set to be won in the semi-finals against León – as against America – because the goal is to become champions will. And despite the numerous casualties, the unit of the group is the main weapon. The team is very close, very confident, he emphasized.

The herd will have to play tonight without Isaac Brizuela, who tested positive for Covid. Los Panzas Verdes also reported on one infected person, David Avión Ramírez. The mission is not easy, Antuna admitted in a video conference and recognized Leon’s good campaign, but remembered: It’s the league and everyone can win.

Rafael Lebrija, a former Guadalajara manager, believes Chivas has a chance to eliminate the best team from last year. If they keep running and playing with this delivery, there are plenty of opportunities to not only reach the finals but also become champions. You put on your shirt, you represent the institution as it should be.

The former federation also claimed that the reaction and substance shown by the cadre led by Víctor Vucetich was due to the punishment of the undisciplined. “I’ve always said: a strong hand. Good thing you set this precedent. My respect to Amaury Vergara for the decision.

“I was impressed with how good a player Cristian Chicote Calderón is. There must be a lot of others out there, but they never consider them, they put them aside. The guidelines already see that we have raw materials available, only the basic forces need to work well as Guadalajara did, ”he said.

Those headed by Ignacio Ambriz were the ones who played best in the Liga Mx, Lebrija admitted, noting that León was way above everyone else, but I didn’t like it against Puebla.

▲ The attacker promised a total sacrifice on the square. In the meantime, civil authorities have confirmed that the game will take place without an audience. Photo Jam Media

Antuna emphasized at a virtual press conference that the Rojiblancos “Everyone for everyone, defenders, strikers, goalkeepers … We are very compact. « And they are not afraid of the Fiera: we know what León is for what he was number one, but we have already seen that we can win despite the losses we had, » he said in reference on the four punished (Chofis López, Dieter Villalpando, Alexis Peña and José Juan Vázquez) and several injured.

The striker, who also caused losses in some games in the tournament due to Covid, wants to be a factor. « I’ve done things well, I’m always trying to improve, I’ll look for more, try to win Chivas and get Chivas to where he deserves. « . Here we all have the same idea of ​​the game – intensity, sacrifice, the claw that was shown. We know that we can become masters together, ”he said.

On the other hand, the civil authorities confirmed that there will be no access to the public in the event of the clash with the Esmeraldas, but opened up the possibility that they will receive fans again in the event of the final.

“We should have a dialogue with the state government, with Chivas and the Mexican Football Association. In addition to the security measures, we also rely on a fair game and in favor of the fans, who have already checked that they have behaved well, and it was a flawless pilot game that can be boasted, ”said the mayor of Zapopan, Pablo Lemus, to the Super Gol Portal.

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World news – USA – Sport: León had the best season but we can beat anyone, warns Uriel Antuna
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