World News – USA – Sting Credits Tony Khan & The Rhodes Brothers « love of the game » for fueling AEW


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It’s a unique experience for a wrestling fanatic to hear Tony Schiavone have a long conversation with his longtime friend Sting, and they shared that conversation along with Aubrey Edwards on AEW this week without restriction. In those classic WCW days, Sting had a ton of ring encounters with Dusty Rhodes, but he tells Tony and Aubrey that he can’t be more than pleased with what Cody and Dustin have done for themselves by taking the legacy of theirs Father’s honored and all elite have built rings.

« First, I’m so proud of these two boys and boys that it can’t happen to two better guys. Second generation wrestler whose father is very famous, the most charismatic of all time in my book and has to follow in his footsteps. It can seem bleak for a minute in life and then suddenly there could be a shift and if you have the work ethic and the love for the game and all that Cody and Dustin both have, then you probably have what it takes to make something the diamond in the rough kind of deal and they did it and i am so proud of these guys who did it. « .

Two weeks ago on Dynamite, Sting said to Cody Rhodes that he would see him « around, kid, » and there is certainly a bit of history when it comes to his relationship with the Rhodes brothers and their late grandfather Dusty is leaving.

« Cody was just a little kid. Yes, he was just a little kid in the beginning, and Dustin and I, we have a story. I was traveling with him, back and forth. We were in the same taxi with the car and so all these years later just to see how fast it all goes and how far they have come and what deal they put together and what with Tony Khan and AEW and then TNT and ‘back in the jungle’, wow.

Sting continues to discuss the likelihood before an AEW initiated a new promotion to rival WWE, but Sting knew that it would take someone like Tony Khan to make that power shift.

« I mean, people have been asking me in the Q&As for 20 years, » Don’t you wish there could be another WCW? What does it take to achieve that? « Well, it is going to take another billionaire who has it all, and otherwise it won’t happen. I tried a few other things it wouldn’t happen (laughs). I’m so glad Cody and Dustin did what they did and AEW, it is what it is and I will be part of it. ”

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World News – USA – Sting Credits Tony Khan & The Rhodes Brothers’ « Love Of The Game » For Refueling from AEW


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