World News – USA – Tennessee Highway Patrol Trooper Cadet Class applications to accept in June 2021


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NASHVILLE – The Tennessee Highway Patrol (THP) will take place from 6. January to 2. February applications for the cadet class 1021 against. The cadet class for soldiers begins on Jan.. June. During the 16-week academy, our training department will challenge you and prepare you for the real-life scenarios that you will experience as a soldier.

Depending on the level of interest shown during the application process, a page class is offered at the same time. Applicants currently in a full-time law enforcement position who have a Tennessee POST certification could qualify for a potential side class. This depends on the number of eligible applicants, but would allow for a 10-week academy with graduation in the first week of September 2021.

THP is a diverse, nationwide law enforcement agency with full service and multiple departments. Daily services for a Tennessee State Soldier include: Public Support, Criminal and Traffic Law Enforcement, Traffic Monitoring, Motorcycle Traffic Patrol, Crash Investigation, Crash Reconstruction, Criminal Prohibition, Criminal Investigation, Identity Crime Investigation, Special Operations, and Tactical Tasks; K-9 handling, diving, aviation, executive protection services, bomb squadrons and much more.

Men and women interested in pursuing a career as a Tennessee State Soldier must register starting Wednesday, June 6th. January, apply online by 11:59 p.m.. m. CST, Tuesday, Jan.. February, at https: // www. tn. Government / careers / apply here. html. Individuals who want to apply must be at least 21 years old, a U. . S.. . Citizens and have a high school diploma or equivalent.

The training you receive from our curriculum is transferable as a college credit lesson. We offer the opportunity to attend numerous law enforcement training courses to gain expertise such as crash reconstruction, DRE (Drug Recognition Expert), instructor development and more. The THP is a national leader in law enforcement and internationally accredited by the Commission for the Accreditation of Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA). . In addition, our training is the Peace Officer Standards Training Commission (POST). .

Once approved by Human Resources, applicants will be informed of their qualification status by email and must complete a survey within five days of submitting the application. THP assumes that the dates for agility and interviews will be from 22. until 26. February will start. When applicants are admitted to the interview, they will be informed of their appointment location using the Tennessee Highway Patrol headquarters closest to the applicant’s place of residence.

« I am very pleased with the opportunity our soldiers have to serve the people of Tennessee, » said Colonel Matt Perry. “The role of a soldier is crucial for the security of our state. I take pride in the training, technology, and tools soldiers will receive during cadet school. We train and prepare our soldiers to do their jobs professionally and ethically. We want the best men and women to join our ranks in promoting the Tennessee Highway Patrol mission. ”

Legislation introduced in October 2012, called the Tennessee Excellence, Accountability and Management Act (TEAM Act), has revised the hiring method to incorporate an interview process that tests a candidate’s knowledge, skills, abilities and competencies. As a result, there is no longer any part of the exam to qualify for the position of state troop officer.

Upon hiring, individuals must obtain a valid Tennessee driver’s license prior to the class graduation date. Candidates must successfully complete a Level II background investigation, which includes a credit check and polygraph test. The recruits must pass a psychological and medical examination including a drug screening.

There are currently 639 authorized enlisted soldier positions within the THP. Please note that the majority of the current vacancies are in the Middle and West Tennessee regions. Upon graduation, soldier cadets are assigned to vacant positions across the state. The starting salary for a soldier cadet in the school is currently 3. $ 153 per month, increasing to 3 upon completion. $ 488 per month. This corresponds to 41. $ 856 per year with an annual 4th. 5% legal level increase for the first 10 years. With regular salary increases, a soldier can after 10 years of service according to the current salary structure 62. Earn $ 208 per year. Pay may also increase if you are promoted within the THP.

The position also includes a retirement plan, 401. 000, 457, health insurance, overtime pay, and paid holidays. The soldiers also receive winter and summer uniforms, equipment, weapons and a patrol car.

For more information on becoming a State Trooper, visit: // www. tn. Government / Security / Articles / Qualifications. Please complete our contact questionnaire to be included in the notifications at www. JoinTHP. org. For more information on how to apply, please contact the Applicant Services Department of Human Resources in Tennessee at (615) 741-4841.

Applicants with criminal convictions will not be considered. Additional disqualifications include driving under the influence (DUI) convictions or related offenses; Using any of the following drugs: cocaine, heroin (opioids), inhalants (21 years of age or older at the time of use), LSD, MDMA (Ecstasy / Molly), methamphetamine, mushrooms, or PCP; Use of the following medications within the past two (2) years: Anabolic steroids (performance enhancement); Marijuana; Peyote; or prescription drugs (illegal use).

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World News – USA – Tennessee Highway Patrol Trooper Cadet Class Applications accepted in June 2021


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