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When Mater Dei, California five-star cornerback Domani Jackson tweeted « 7 days up » last week, there was immediately a lot of internet chatter that a decision might be made for the nation’s No. 1 in the near future. 3 overall players, especially when he made an impressive visit to Michigan with his five star cornerback colleague and good friend Will Johnson.

We soon figured out Jackson’s news should be in the top six, and we figured out which six Thanksgiving programs were still in his recruiting process. The senior cornerback posted the final six from Ohio State, Michigan, Clemson, Oklahoma, USC, and Arizona State, with the two most likely favorites being the Buckeyes and Wolverines.

After this list was published, Jackson’s father Randy discussed at length her visit to Michigan with Sam Webb of 247Sports when Randy – a lifelong Michigan fan whose son had also grown up for the Wolverines – was « thoroughly impressed » by that weekend:

“It felt like home. I always wear Michigan gear. Always on the lookout for Michigan and supporting Michigan over the years. And then see block M everywhere and not be one of the few people who have block M.. I see everyone in Michigan gear. It felt like home. ”

More important, of course, is how Domani felt about the trip, and Randy said the 2022 star was just as comfortable:

“Have you ever seen the movie Willy Wonka the Chocolate Factory? The little boy? That’s what he looked like. That’s how he felt from afar. He felt really good about it. He felt really good when everyone had that positive Michigan vibe. Despite everything that happened on the field. That was my analogy that I would use for this. ”

“He seemed very comfortable. He was excited. He had a lot of emotions in him just to be there. And when he was able to talk to the other possible recruits who were there and then got the same feeling about Michigan. As a common denominator, everyone felt a good bond with Michigan. ”

The Jacksons are still trying to visit Ohio State in the near future, but they have nothing planned yet. The Mater Dei season starts in January. This is roughly the time the Buckeye 2022 commits attempt to set up a second Buckeye Bash.

After a shortened list was teased on Wednesday, the four-star recipient received C.. . J. . Williams – the No.. 38 total players, No.. 6 recipient and no. 5 prospect from California in the 2022 class – posted this list yesterday. Although it’s not a huge challenge as Williams now only has 16 schools.

This contingent is led by Ohio State, Alabama, LSU, Georgia and Oregon, and also includes Stanford, Notre Dame and USC.

Furthermore, grateful for the life that God has blessed me with. Grateful for every single trainer who offered and recruited me. As my decision deadline approaches, these will be the schools I will focus on as my recruiting continues! Happy Thanksgiving! image. Twitter. com / lZGWGMgH2z

« I didn’t want to do a top 5 or even a top 10 this early, » said Williams. “Our class (2022) is the one that could be hardest hit by the scholarship numbers. I’ve heard schools can exceed their number for the 21 grade, but if they have to go back to the 85 grade for my class it means there will be lots of small recruiting classes.

“So I wanted to be careful and not cut my list so small and then not have many options when these classes are full. I wanted to be 15, but I wanted to add Howard there, and that offer meant a lot to me. ”

Williams said there were plans to make some visits, but he knows some of these must be visits in dead time.

The Ohio state’s soccer player recruiting skills are on hand and became one of the biggest storylines in college soccer last week after the five-star engagements of Quinn Ewers and Caleb Burton.

The Buckeyes have a considerable lead over the No.. Currently ranked 1 in the 2022 class as commits appear to be beating the 2021 cycle.

Recruiting in football isn’t the only recruiting that’s spot on, however, as Chris Holtmann’s crew is now making waves. After the engagement of the four-star point guard Bruce Thornton – the No.. 30 total players and no. 7-point watch in the 2022 American cycle – Ohio State now holds No.. 1 recruitment class in both sports.

While football is sure to hit the program’s first recruiting crown, basketball isn’t going to stay at the top, but it’s a hell of a good story right now.

One of the main reasons the Buckeye Football Program did such a good job of recruiting is because of the energy and effort the assistants put into building relationships. Their reputation ranks nationally for how full throttle they go on the recruiting journey as countless recruits and parents have told us that the state of Ohio has a kitchen sink approach that is having an impact.

“I’ll say the state of Ohio is very aggressive about recruiting. You hear from someone in the state of Ohio every day, ”Randy Jackson, Domani’s father, previously told Eleven Warriors. “You communicate not only with Domani, but also with the family. ”

Well, as Ryan Day said on his radio show on Wednesday, that is the main job of coaches in the state of Ohio.

« This is her No.. One of the tasks is to recruit and develop your players, ”said Day. “Scheme and all that stuff, that comes later. The scheme is much better when you have good players. So the No.. 1 job for all of these people is to recruit. ”

That has resulted in two classes in 2021 and 2022 that will go as well with consecutive recruiting classes as you will see them in the next two years.

« It’s a great momentum for us right now, » said Day. « It was difficult because the guys weren’t able to visit us, but we tried to do our best to virtually build these relationships and keep in touch with them. I think people at the national level are very, very excited about what we’re doing here. It was great. I think we get really talented young men, but we also get great families and we add culture, which is most important especially at times like these. The program is very exciting right now and our assistant coaches, everyone involved in the recruitment, Mark Pantoni, are in their A game and we want to keep it going. ”

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World News – USA – The Hurry -Up : Five-star CB Domani Jackson has horse chestnuts on the final list, C. . J. . Williams Trims List, Buckeyes don’t have any. 1 class in soccer and basketball
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