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Posted: 12:45 GMT, Jan.. December 2020 | Updated: 3:43 PM GMT, Jan.. December 2020

Tottenham will look to put their devastating defeat to Liverpool behind when they welcome Leicester City to Tottenham Hotspur Stadium today.

Jose Mourinho’s men were beaten in the final minutes at Anfield, losing first place in the Premier League and since then falling to third due to Everton’s win over Arsenal yesterday.

That means they are now six points behind Jurgen Klopp’s side and will desperately try to fill that gap, but will have to do so against other title contenders at Leicester.

The Foxes have regained their pre-lockdown form and are just one point behind Spurs in the table that unleashes a delicious third versus fourth battle in north London.

Follow Sportsmail’s Ollie Lewis for up-to-the-minute coverage of Sunday afternoon kick-off that includes all the prep for this Premier League fixture.

69 minutes: Leicester threatens after a decent job between Vardy and Barnes on the lower left. The ball is fired from the edge of the box for Maddison, but his effort rolls over the bar.

67 minutes: Sissoko was put in right after the winks change, a penny for Matt Doherty’s thoughts?

64 minutes: Mourinho makes his final change and it is Aurier who is withdrawn for Harry Winks. Bad day at the office for a full back.

62 mins: Spurs has a chance to hit back while Kane shoots from the edge of the box, but Schmeichel is equal and saves.

61 minutes: Leicester changed the game for the first time when Marc Albrighton gave way to Daniel Amartey.

Leicester scored! And this time it will certainly count. Albrighton crosses from the depths towards Vardy, who jumps out of Sissoko to win the header, which is directed at Toby Alderweireld, who sticks the ball in his own net. Big goal!

59 minutes: Kane takes out Aurier on the right side, who cuts back on his left side before lifting a ball towards Reguilon at the rear post. The Spaniard nods over the goal, but Leicester is clear as the appeals for handball rise, but Pawson says no.

56 minutes: Vardy drives into the Spurs penalty area, but Alderweireld pushes the ball to a corner.

55 minutes: Aurier misses the opportunity to send in a good ball while his delivery sails back for a kick.

53 minutes: The hosts need to take the initiative now and Leicester is happy to sit deep and absorb all that Spurs has to offer.

51 minutes: Spurs have to get this game under control quickly. Sissoko and Bale work around the Leicester box, but the visitors clarify.

49 mins: Another change for the hosts as Lo Celso gives way to Lucas Moura after taking a punch within seconds of half-time.

And it’s the news that Maddison was scared. He was so marginally offside and the goal is not allowed.

Leicester has a second within minutes of the restart! James Justin delivers a fantastic ball over the top for James Maddison, who is given an exquisite touch before shooting behind Hugo Lloris.

46 minutes: The players have returned to the field and we are back on the road in the second half.

Just the one change at halftime, and it’s Tanguy Ndombele who has given way to Gareth Bale.

That penalty kick was the final kick of half as Craig Pawson finished the first 45 minutes.

It was a very close affair between two sides unwilling to give their opponent an inch, and before Aurier’s moment of madness, both sides hardly seemed to admit.

But his hasty challenge in the back of Fofana will certainly be praised by Jose Mourinho, who has to hold a completely different half-time team meeting than planned.

And Leicester takes the lead! Jamie Vardy steps forward and bury the ball right in the center to give the visitors a half-time lead.

45 3 minutes: VAR is looking for a possible penalty for Leicester after Aurier stabbed Fofana in the back. Pawson looks at the pitchside monitor. . . This could mean trouble for Spurs.

That was really sloppy from the back right. Vardy, to get up now. . .

45 minutes: Reguilon hooks Harry Kane a cross from the sideline towards the rear post. His header is cleared by Fofana.

44 minutes: Hugo Lloris takes action after Ndidi has picked up Maddison. He lets himself be torn from the edge of the box, forcing the French to dive to the left and save.

43 minutes: Sissoko storms through the heart of midfield, plays it off Reguilon, but his flank is cleared. Leicester comes through Albrighton on the other end, but his cross is handled by Eric Dier.

42 minutes: Spurs players ask Craig Pawson for a penalty after Aurier’s cross hits Castagne’s shoulder. But VAR says no and Spurs are content with the corner.

41 mins: Son delivers and Kane is there to hit him, but his header is just over the target as he goes over the bar. Really good chance to open the rating there.

40 minutes: Aurier puts Kane down on the right. The Englishman lifts his head and takes Son on the back post. He nods to Lo Celso, but Albrighton comes back to turn him around a corner.

38 mins: Maddison sends the ball into the Spurs box but the hosts win a free kick after Fofana knocks over Dier. Barnes is back on the field now.

36 mins: Leicester take a free kick in the Spurs half after Lo Celso beat Harvey Barnes. It looks like his boot accidentally made contact with Barnes’ face when the paramedics came up to the boy.

35 minutes: Aurier delivers a cross from the right, but Schmeichel wants to collect. Better from the hosts in the last five minutes.

34 minutes: Kane steps forward and forces Schmeichel to rescue him to the right after being deflected by the wall.

33 minutes: Son’s corner is cleared by Fofana, but Lo Celso wins a free kick a dozen yards outside the Leicester Box. Firing range for Kane or Son here.

32 minutes: Maddison’s corner is cleared by Kane and Spurs break through Son. He distributed it widely to the rushing Aurier who won a corner for the hosts.

31 minutes: James Justin is released on the right, but Son fits him step by step and turns the cross to the corner.

30 minutes: Vardy wins a free kick in the half of Leicester after being caught late by Alderweireld. The Spurs man is fortunate enough not to be booked for it.

29 minutes: Lo Celso gives the hosts a break after winning a free kick thanks to a foul by Tielemans.

28 minutes: Vardy is played in the bottom left, he tries to cut the ball back for Albrighton, but Alderweireld comes over to remove the danger.

27 mins: Vardy puts a nice padded header away from Barnes, but Aurier and Alderweireld quickly displace it and Spurs get enough body back.

20 minutes: Another half chance for Leicester when Albrighton drops a teasing ball into the Spurs box. Vardy attacks it, but Alderweireld is there to turn a corner.

18 minutes: Maddison shoots from distance after Leicester shifted the ball well in the final third. The visitors now look better from both sides.

16 minutes: Spurs bring the ball down the other end while Harry Kane plays in Son. Instead of shooting from an angle, he tries to shove it towards Ndombele, but the Frenchman doesn’t expect the cross and it goes back when the offside flag flies against the South Korean.

14 minutes: Maddison delivers to the back post and Barnes heads him back over the gate. The ball falls on Vardy, but he cannot twist the ball through a sea of ​​Spurs bodies and they are almost clear.

13 mins: Leicester is building momentum here as Hojbjerg spotted Maddison on the corner of the Spurs area.

12 minutes: Maddison tries to find Vardy with a cross from the depths, but Dier clears. Leicester returns when Tielemans tries to play Maddison, but Dier is back to stave off the threat.

11 minutes: A pretty cage opening for this game here, with Leicester also being content with being in a defensive block. Alderweireld tries to overplay Kane, but the ball goes through to Schmeichel.

8 minutes: Barnes drives forward after a decent period of Leicester possession and passes it to Albrighton, whose cross is removed by Dier. Spurs that like to give possession of the ball at this early stage.

6 minutes: Hojbjerg gives away a free kick right in front of the Spurs box on the right after fouling Maddison. His delivery is decent and Fofana gets up to meet her but his header goes over the bar.

4 minutes: Son picks up again, but he doesn’t clear the first man as Vardy clears with ease. Barnes tries to break but Reguilon pursues him well to regain possession.

3 minutes: Kane wins a free kick about ten yards outside the Leicester area on the right after Castagne knocked him down.

2 minutes: Son tries to float the ball to the back post for Eric Dier, but the delivery is too strong and goes back for a goal kick. Spurs look like they’re going to play a 4-3-3 with Lo Celso on the wing.

1 min: Maddison gets the ball rolling and from the start it looks like Leicester will kick a four back this afternoon when Ndombele wins a free kick in Leicester’s half.

The players are on their way out and we are only moments away from the second game of the day, which starts this afternoon.

This promises to be an intriguing affair with Spurs, who are so deadly to counterattack, while Leicester has had a very good track record this season.

Jose Mourinho and Brendan Rodgers know a win will put them on Nov. 2 on Christmas Day. Can bring space.

James Maddison and Jamie Vardy are a defining one-two for Leicester this season.

The English couple will try to hold their own against the top duo in the league in Harry Kane and Son Heung-min today.

According to Sportsmail’s OLIVER HOLT, caution is the new buzzword for Jose Mourinho’s North London site.

Expect to see Jose Mourinho today after his remarks this week on Jürgen Klopp’s antics in the dugout about his best behavior on the contact line.

The Spurs boss was not impressed with the indulgence the Liverpool manager was given following Wednesday night’s defeat.

Spurs striker Steven Bergwijn came under fire for missing two great opportunities that Jose Mourinho’s side had to regret at Anfield. The Dutchman makes way for Ndombele today.

Dele Alli came into play in the second half against Liverpool but there is no place for the Englishman on the day’s squad. Gareth Bale is back on the bench after an illness.

Hello and welcome to Sportsmail’s live coverage of Leicester’s trip to Tottenham in the Premier League.

It’s been a pretty disappointing week for Jose Mourinho’s side, who lost points at the Crystal Palace before taking a dramatic last-minute loss to Liverpool at Anfield.

Harry Kane & Co will be trying to get back on their feet today but is faced with a difficult task in Leicester that is looking for an answer itself after losing to Everton during the week.

Brendan Rodgers’ team gave insight into the exciting style that brought them to 5th place last season. Has made room, but inconsistencies have hindered the foxes so far.

Stay tuned as we prepare for live commentary from the game in north London, which will start at Nov.. 3 p.m. (GMT) starts. Team news will follow shortly.

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World news – USA – Tottenham v Leicester – Premier League: live score and updates
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