. World News – USA – Tyler, The Creator Voices Random NPCs in GTA V.


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While the game may have been released seven years ago, people are only just starting to notice that the rapper Where This Flower Blooms has multiple voices for random non-player characters in the popular game.

A GTA V player signed up on Saturday, March 28th. Nov, tweeted: « I just found out that Tyler the creator is speaking to a random guy in gta 5 lmao, » along with a clip of one of the NPCs using his voice.

Someone else shared a video from Tyler’s NPC where the rapper can scream. It’s pretty fun I have to say.

In response to the recent reveal, one Twitter user replied, « Makes me think about how many speakers you have for GTA. « .

Someone else pointed out that Tyler made a track for GTA V and said, « Do you forget he made music for the game? » this is not just coincidental. The song for the game called Garbage was released in August 2013.

Funnily enough, at the time the game was released in 2013, Tyler actually tweeted that his voice would be featured in the game, but that information apparently went over the minds of many players. 6 only. 000 people liked the seven-year-old tweet, while over 130 is believed to be. 000 people play GTA V online.

On 18. September 2013 the rapper wrote: « IF YOU HAVE THE VOICES OF RANDOM PEOPLE SO YES ». .

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World News – USA – Tyler, the Creator speaks to random NPCs in GTA V.
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