World news – USA – watch us play through Demon Souls Part 1 and defeat Vanguard Demon


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When you first start playing Demon Souls, you will have to go through the intro section called Journey to Nexus. At the end of this, you meet the vanguard of a monstrous demon, the first leader of Demon Souls. If she dies, the game continues. You will not get a second chance at this. And unless you are not used to fighting, you will likely die. Are you curious about what happens if you get over it?

Watch the video above where we play Journey to Nexus and defeat the Vanguard Demon. It took a lot of stab wounds in her rear. . .

It is better for PlayStation fans to save as software prices will see improvement on the new platform.

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Souls of the Devil, the Leader

World News – United States – We watched we play through the first part of « Devil Souls » and defeat the Demon Vanguard


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