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No.. 11 Oklahoma won a bad brawl against Baylor on Saturday night to take their sixth straight win and win 7-2 this season.

The win officially secured a spot in the Big 12 title game and a highly anticipated rematch against Iowa State.

Defensively, this one of Sooner’s better performances in recent times when they were flat dominated the Bears offensive. They limited the run, put pressure on the quarterback, and even forced sales.

It’s not something that much could be said about football in Oklahoma in recent years, but it can definitely be said that the defense in this game set the day for Lincoln Riley and his company.

After the game, Alex Grinch and Isaiah Thomas met with the media to discuss defensive performance. Here’s what they had to say.

« Yeah, and I’d start with the guys who played in the game. Jeremiah Criddell, apparently his role has been expanded this week. Turner-Yell had to play several safety points. Tre Norwood was the kind of guy who couldn’t train all week and then comes back at the end of the week and plays nickel and strong security. Rob Barnes is a guy I really want to highlight as the guy who obviously played soccer – some elite soccer in the past. Worked him at the linebacker. It was one of those things from a deep standpoint, there was no chance we could get through this week and certainly this game without Rob playing safety and not batting an eye so I would highlight him. It would certainly be a challenge. We knew we were going to get skinny, but I thought, as for prep, I thought the guys did a good job over the week. You did well. The ball was in the air a lot tonight. Was that part of their adjustment, they were baylor to see the exhaustion in secondary school? Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t because they like to throw the ball around, but the guys held up pretty well and we got a lot on our front that way too. They’ve had to step up and so I definitely give these guys a lot of credit and we look forward to getting some of the guys back next week. ”

« It was extremely unique and in fact I got a false positive on Monday so I couldn’t rejoin these guys after a couple of negative tests on Tuesday and Wednesday and I don’t know the science behind all this stuff, but I did. » a false rapid test positive on Monday, so could not be re-accepted into the group until Thursday. I had to do the deeper things to confirm that (I) wasn’t positive, so I trained a lot on Zoom this week. These guys have put security in place again this week, and the defense coordinator isn’t there earlier in the week, by the way. So screaming a lot on the computer screen, but also giving our coaches a lot of recognition, obviously Coach Stoops was with us too, which doesn’t get any cooler than that openly and unfortunately a couple of these days I wasn’t here when he was with us was he didn’t get a chance to enjoy it that much, but in any case the entire coaching staff give them a lot of recognition and certainly the players. The nice thing is when you see this thing on Zoom Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, watch the practice, and say, « That’s the defense in Oklahoma, and I’m training these guys. « . And I’m not there and it still looks like the defense in Oklahoma and was so excited about it. Again, you don’t want to be in this situation. Definitely a very unique week and a very unique game to make this thing so happy to take a win. ”

« That’s a good question. You want to knock on the table and say, not at all surprised. What I would say is that you have seen a group of people taking more and more ownership and accountability for their own performance. And that’s not just first-team defense. These are people who get reruns on Saturdays who say OK. We’re setting the standard again by playing every week. We have talked about this in the past. They are one-week evaluations. OK, tonight my role has changed. It’s expanded or I’m playing another spot. You see people proud that this is the expectation. The expectation that when you enter the field with this group, you should achieve a certain achievement. I don’t know if surprised is the right word, but pride definitely comes to mind. The other thing I would say is a step in the right direction, to have everything you just mentioned and to get out of the stadium and say that we may not have played our best football, but it did won football despite many circumstances. Looking a little less at the scoreboard and being a little more concerned about our own performance and that’s positive. ”

“The expectation has changed a little. I think part of it, and maybe most of it, comes from the expectations of the players, not the coach. If it becomes the expectation of the players to play at a certain level, to produce at a certain level because that is ultimately a critical aspect of things, and then you have the coaches who do this often from an encouraging point of view and a critical point of view from complement also …. We’re not having this conversation all the time, saying that this is what we expect and that you have eyeballs staring at you. “Coach, does it really have to be? Is there no other way? « It’s going to be really, really hard to do on a consistent basis. There has to be another way, right? What you’re seeing right now, and again a week away from a different direction, are guys keeping each other at a higher level instead of the coaches simply asking for it. Satisfied with this direction. ”

“It means a lot. We are proud. I say it every time. We pride ourselves on our defense. We pride ourselves on TFLs, takeaways, and sacks. We definitely tried to keep teams under 21 or less. Coach Grinch and those defensive coaches have a great plan for us every week and it worked as you can see. They instill that trust in us and we trust them very much to get our job done. ”

« I’ve learned that these guys have the will to fight, no matter what the odds, no matter the circumstances. We know we have to work on both defense and offense, but like I said, we have our backs on each other. If we don’t click defensively, the offense has our backs. If the attack doesn’t click, we act as defense. We trust each other. We play by our standards and we play by our bottom line. Every single game is what we think of. ”

“We always had confidence in ourselves. We always believed we had a chance to make it. When the chances of making that Big 12 championship game weren’t so good for us, we didn’t point a finger at anyone. We looked in the mirror and took control of our own destiny rather than blaming each other or these coaches. We never thought we weren’t there. Obviously the world did. We have a lot of reviewers out there who believe that OU is not the same. Whenever we do great, everyone wants to pat you on the back. We only focus on those who really support us and those are the ones in the facility. We never had the feeling that we weren’t there. ”

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World News – USA – What Alex Grinch and Isaiah Thomas said Oklahoma’s 27:14 win over Baylor
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