World News – USA – Zodiac Killers 1969 cipher « Puzzle » finally solved


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A long unsolved riddle posted by the Zodiac Killer to the San Francisco Chronicle has finally been cracked and contains a message that the killer A reporter for the newspaper announced on Friday that he was on his infamous killing spree was not afraid of a death sentence.

« I’m not afraid of the gas chamber, » the murderer wrote in the mysterious letter in 1969, according to a tweet by Chronical reporter Kevin Fagan.

The serial killer’s « cipher » message – a jumble of encrypted letters and numbers sent to the newspaper in 1969 – does not reveal the name of the as-yet-unidentified killer who claimed to have slaughtered at least 37 people in California 1960s and 1970s.

« Big news in the Zodiac world – the 340 cipher that was sent to us in the SF Chronicle in November 1969 has been resolved, » teased Fagan’s tweet on Friday. “The story is yet to come. ”

In the last five decades, attempts to decode the so-called « 340 cipher », which consists of 63 characters, had failed.

Targeting young couples along with a male taxi driver, the prolific killer was happy to mock police and media about the unsolved cases – sending letters and riddles.

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World News – USA – Zodiac Killer’s cipher puzzle from 1969 is finally solved


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