World news – Vettel: The steering is difficult to adapt to the Aston Martin F1 switch


The four-time champion changed the Formula 1 squad this year and switched from Ferrari to the renamed Aston Martin outfit that replaced Racing Point.

After his first official public outing with the team During pre-season testing in Bahrain last weekend, Vettel highlighted the key areas where he believes there are still profits to be made.

« It’s just about getting to know people because it’s one thing to understand what they mean and of course a lot of different things to talk about the car, « he said.

 » On the car, the steering feels different because it’s a different unit. Of course, every F1 car has power steering, but each power steering is set up a little differently and gives a different impression because, ultimately, when you drive, you have the wheel in your hand and that is the feedback you get. « 

Another challenge for Vettel is to adapt to a completely different vehicle concept. The Aston Martin is a low-rake car compared to the high-rake concepts with which he previously drove at Red Bull and Ferrari .

This means that he has to go through a much bigger learning curve and adapt to the Mercedes engine for the first time.

« The car has a different philosophy, » he said. « It’s a different one Team, it’s a different car, so it drives a little differently. It wants to be driven differently and with a different engine.

“Without going into details, because I don’t think it’s fair to make public comparisons , but of course these things are different and take getting used to.

« It’s also a different environment in the car, just in terms of comfort. The pedals feel a little different and the seat is a little different. but it is the cumulative effect of all of these things together. « 

While Vettel does not want to get involved in the comparison of the different Aston Martin vehicle concepts, it was a fascinating experience for him to try something new.

« It was very interesting for me, let’s put it that way, » he said. “It’s not that there is only one thing. It’s not that you have a high-rake car and you just drop the rake and you’re in a Mercedes and you’re in a Mercedes and you raise the rake and you drive a Red Bull. It’s not like that. It’s much, much more complex. There are many more elements that need to come together. “

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