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« Tina, » the new HBO documentary from filmmakers Dan Lindsay and T.J. Martin premieres on Saturday, which means Tina Turner is back in the spotlight, where she rightly belongs. The superstar opened up like never before in the film, which is reshaping her career in a way that will appeal to generations of fans.

The documentary takes place as the final act in an illustrious career full of peaks and valleys. The music icon first came to prominence through her collaboration with ex-husband Ike Turner, a partnership that spawned River Deep, Mountain High, Nutbush City Limit and her Grammy-winning cover Proud Mary. But when Ike’s years of abuse and established drug addiction ended their romantic and professional partnership, some people thought Tina’s career was over. In reality, it was just getting started.

After lying low for a few years, Tina roared back to music in the 1980s. In 1984 she released « Private Dancer, » a Grammy-sweeping blockbuster of an album that included the hit « What’s Love Got to Do With It. » She was officially back, driving the subsequent career renaissance to a true superstar. Other successful albums and sold out tours followed, but Tina has worked in a variety of other mediums as well. In between all the music, she found the time to write three books, star in several films, and turn her life into a Broadway jukebox musical. Now she can add a documentary to the list.


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Around her 80th birthday, the superstar decided it was time to reveal it all. She worked with Lindsay and Martin on Tina, which sets the record for her extremely public life and career. For someone with so much musical talent and who has produced so many hits, a lot of music fans have asked if they get enough recognition. Most music lovers of a certain age are likely to know her name, but some feel like a place in the rock and roll stratosphere that has escaped her.

After all, many fans see Tina as much more than just a rock star. She is an inspirational character whose story has taken on a larger than life quality, an all-American story that associates with every type of dreamer. The setbacks she faced as a result of the tumultuous end of her marriage and her reappearance as a solo artist who really stands on her own make her an inspiration to many. And the fact that she remains a beacon of certainty despite her fame is a nod to her down-to-earth quality. Tina deserves her success, but it never got into her head.

The release of the documentary coincides with the one-year anniversary of her Broadway musical of the same name, which was forced to be excluded due to the coronavirus pandemic. It’s a great example of something good born from the remnants of a dire situation, as well as an opportunity to rethink its legacy.

« Tina » premieres on HBO at 8 p.m. ET, but you can also do it on HBO Max stream. Not subscribed? For $ 14.99 per month, the streaming service lets you watch a huge library of movie and TV content, including plenty of other music documentaries. Plus, you can watch new Warner Bros. movies from the comfort of your home the same day they hit theaters. Many of their films can also be streamed on Amazon Prime, which gives you access to Amazon’s seemingly endless Prime video library for $ 12.99 per month. Plus, there are many other great perks like free two-day shipping. Between the two services, you can fill the whole weekend with Tina content!

If the film, which debuted at the Berlin International Film Festival with rave reviews, makes you want more Tina, you are not alone. Her three memoirs (one of which was adapted into the movie « What Love Has To Do With ») offer a deeper look into her life, and there is no shortage of great albums worth buying on vinyl. Below is a roundup of the best books, records, and more to keep your Tina Turner educational journey running smoothly.

Leave it to Tina Turner to publish a book about finding happiness in a year like 2020 that this advice was badly needed by almost everyone. She reflects on her life in terms of its ups and downs and explains how she found peace through principles of Buddhism. This book is great read for anyone looking to improve their point of view, even if they have never heard any of Tina’s songs. (And if you haven’t got it, it’s certainly time to correct it.)

« Simply the Best » is the name of Tina’s biggest hit album, as well as a phrase often used by music fans to refer to to describe them. She has recorded so many hits in so many different decades that it is difficult to put them all on one album, but this compilation is a great attempt. If you liked what you heard in the film, buying it on vinyl is a logical next step.

« Tina Turner: This is my life » tells the life story of the superstar in pictures, documenting her iconic looks the past few years and searches her personal archives for recordings never seen before. With handwritten comments from Tina herself, this book belongs on the coffee table of any music fan who ever whistles, “What does love have to do with this?”

Tina Turner’s legacy cannot be understood without her unparalleled live performance skills explore. While she withdrew from her performances after her 50th anniversary tour in 2009, this concert film is a worthy homage. Offering a concert in 2000 at Wembley Stadium, it offers numerous reasons why it is unique. Tina was four decades in her career at the time and her energy was absolutely electrifying as she brought her classic songs to life.

The record that ushered in the second phase of Tina’s career is an essential piece of music history as well as an album that has endured to this day. Best known for « What love has to do with it », Tina broke from her bluesy roots on the multi-platinum album and strived for the pop perfection of the 80s. With beautiful ballads and up-tempo pop, the record shows her impressive range as a performer and won four Grammy Awards, including « Record of the Year » and « Song of the Year ».

If documentaries aren’t exactly your thing, how about it it then with a biopic? This 1993 film stars Angela Bassett as Tina and tells the story of her journey from humble beginnings to international superstar. The only problem with the film is that Tina lived a lot between 1994 and today, so it doesn’t capture all of her accomplishments! But any fan of Tina, or music in general, will find it’s worth a watch.

Before « Tina » was on HBO, this autobiography was the definitive account of her incredible life. The book was written by Tina herself and does not contain any of the fluff and names that are often found in rock and roll memoirs. Instead, it focuses on their incredible rise, fall, and re-emergence. Tina’s thoughts on her fascinating career show a level of depth and introspection that makes it easy to understand why she is one of the greatest stars of her generation.

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