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[Editor’s Note: The following review contains spoilers for « WandaVision », Episode 5, « On a Very Special Episode … »]

Three weeks of sitcom homage, one week of catching up with the real world , and now WandaVision provides its first complete look at what the series really is: a tragic thriller that hides behind the thin promise of all sitcoms – that everything will be okay. The arrival in the middle of the nine-episode season « On a Very Special Episode … » is certainly a pivotal point. The 33-minute entry (without those long credits) between Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany) in their new sitcom home with their fast-growing kids and short-lived dog not only begins, but finally begins to set up the next phase the MCU and push your main character to the turning point.

How? By introducing her brother Pietro, aka Quicksilver, who died in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Except that this Pietro is not the same that Wanda is familiar with. As Darcy (Kat Dennings) says, while she’s playing it all on TV (just like us!), Quicksilver has been « recast. » It’s Evan Peters, who last played the gray-haired runabout in « X-Men: Dark Phoenix », which probably means that the mutants have finally arrived at the MCU.


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This is a lot to process, and I leave the bulk of my coworkers to discover the Easter eggs in order to sort it properly, but Episode 5 succeeds through a widespread intelligence attack. There are the eerie opening tracks that pay homage to « Family Ties, » a track that was even put on the face and ties in with the familiar twist at the end of the episode. There are photos of baby and youth versions of Wanda and Vision. There are cute little recalls like Jimmy (Randall Park) bringing Darcy her long-awaited coffee, and key moments of clarity like when we see security footage of Wanda stealing the body from Vision to resuscitate it to her liking / p> These are the puzzle pieces MCU fans have been waiting (pretty impatiently) to see them snap into place, and while rewarding their fan theories, makes a good episode, but episode 5 focuses on Wanda, what connects the packed plot. And that’s exactly why episode 6 is worth looking forward to.

At first glance, « On a Very Special Episode … » seems to almost abolish the sitcom setup. Only a few minutes pass before Aunt Agnes (Kathryn Hahn) asks if she should « take it from above » after Vision rebuked his wife’s desire for a babysitter. From there, the world of vision continues to break. He can’t understand why Wanda is so unconcerned about Agnes with her powers, and he forces his associate Norm (Asif Ali) to break the character and tell him how he really feels. Vision’s discoveries range from unsettling to downright monstrous. All of this leads to a heated confrontation at home in which he refuses to apply the credits to their argument and instead goes up in the air with his secret wife to knock her down.

« I can’t get to mine Remember life before Westview, « he shouts. « I don’t know who I am! I’m scared! »

Wanda tries to calm him down, but it is clear that Vision’s troubled state is due to his request a long time ago before he died when he was Wanda promised to let him rest in peace. Now he not only knows that something is wrong with her world, he also knows that something is wrong with him. That kind of personal discomfort, that kind of nagging doubt about one’s identity, it’s staggering, and Bettany conveys it with aptly dreadful expression. It’s the first time we’re really allowed to connect with the character, and although it’s a little late, the moment is still powerful.

In the meantime, Wanda’s moment comes. Episode 5 is quite a challenge under the guise of a meaningless sitcom story. Wanda’s arc this week is all about rules. She has been through inexplicable events (like her quick pregnancy) since episode 3, but more recently she has asked others to join in too. This week she’s creating a dog collar out of the air, right in front of Agnes. Vision protests, but she rationalizes her decision by saying Agnes has already seen her grow older (which, I have to say, is one of the scariest things I’ve ever seen).

Later, that rationalization brings her in Trouble when Sparky dies. Billy and Tommy ask their mother to resuscitate their one-day pet. « You can fix anything, Mom, » they say. « Fix dead. » Aside from the terrible dialogue, the confrontation forces Wanda to explain why rules are important – not just for her children, but for themselves as well.

« I’m trying to tell you that there are rules in life. We can do that Don’t accelerate aging just because it’s convenient, « she says when children want to get older to avoid the pain they are feeling. » And we can’t undo death no matter how sad it makes us. Some things are forever. “

While Olsen is delivering the line (pretty nice I have to say), her vision resurrection is primarily in the mind of the audience. How can she say « some things are forever » when refusing to accept the death of vision? Does she justify it because it wasn’t technically « alive »? Because he was never human? If so, what does this mean for their relationship, their marriage, and how she feels about him in general? Vision is her husband, and when he is not a living, breathing person he is still sentient enough to perceive her treatment as less than other people.

But now she has to make that choice again, with no excuses. Pietro is back. Your brother is alive. He has entered her Westview, NJ bubble and she knows he is dead. Can she really only pretend he’s part of the « show », part of her life, like everyone else? How exactly Quicksilver got there can help alleviate their moral dilemma. If we believe Wanda, then he’s not a random citizen who plays a role (which, as she told Vision, means he didn’t knock on the door to interrupt their conversation). He could still be a « random » person in disguise, camouflaged by an evil force that has not yet been revealed, but another option seems more likely. If ported out of the Multiverse by Mephisto – the long rumored Big Bad from « WandaVision » which is expected to introduce the upcoming « Multiverse of Madness » which in turn is supposed to bring in actors and characters from earlier times, non- MCU Marvel Movies – it means that this Mercury is a real person and a real version of her brother, which would get Wanda to grapple with issues that have so far kept her at bay.

Can Wanda die Give up control and face your pain? Will she be able to put her powers aside and deal with the reality in front of her? Will she even be able to see reality properly after manipulating it for so long? « WandaVision » keeps the answers at a distance, but at least it finally raises the right questions.

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