World news – Warriors’ Oubre cunningly suggests that Bogut’s banking history is a fake


Former warrior Andrew Bogut said current members of the team made an exception to Kelly Oubre Jr.’s statement last month that he was too good to get off the bench.

Bogut said on his latest podcast, Rogue Bogues, that one warrior in particular was upset by Oubre’s apparent refusal to consider re-signing with Golden State and becoming his sixth man next season.

« I’m not going to name the player, but I heard the Warriors players didn’t take these comments lightly, » said Bogut. “They basically announced that Andre Iguodala, our MVP for the final, was okay to get off the bench, but we have ‘Kelly (expletive) Oubre’ who doesn’t? And that wasn’t behind his back turned, that was on his face.  »

Oubre, who had a high and low season after being acquired by Oklahoma City for a future draft pick that summer, used a popular emoji to dismiss Bogut’s story. Oubre responded to Bogut’s Instagram report by simply posting a cap – the word « cap » is slang for a lie.

Warrior trainer Steve Kerr got a kick from Bogut’s report but didn’t offer a much bigger answer.

« I have no comment on that, » said Kerr with a laugh on Monday. “Bogues is a media mogul now, I think. So I’ll look at this later, but no, I didn’t get any comment on it.  »

It is undisputed that Oubre would have to fall off the bench next season if he returned to the Warriors. As Klay Thompson is expected again after two injuries at the end of the season, there is simply no place for Oubre on the starting line-up after this season.

« I would love to have Kelly back next year, » Kerr said after the NBA trading deadline expired and the Warriors decided to stick with Oubre. « If that happened, it would be more than likely that we would see Klay, Steph (Curry) and (Andrew) Wiggins on the grid. »

Oubre certainly had his moments trying to blend in with the Warriors – he scores 15.0 points and 6.0 rebounds per game, which equates to his 43.6 shot percentage. As a pending free agent, Oubre has done enough to justify a nice increase on the $ 14.3 million the Warriors are paying him this season.

And according to another report from Bogut, the Warriors valued Oubre’s talents enough not to trade him for the New Orleans security guard Lonzo Ball, who has had a breakout season in which he was not injured.
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« I firmly believe they did indeed have an offer for Lonzo Ball, and I think a throw-in, a choice for Oubre and the Warriors turned it down, » Bogut said on his podcast. « But I thought it was a pretty good deal to lose a salary and get a selection back. »

If this trading scenario sounds too good to be true, according to The Athletic’s Anthony Slater, it is almost certain.

The exposed Oubre trade offering is certainly enough to at least question Bogut’s sources … which Oubre has apparently already done.


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