World news – Watch: More barbed wire fences, spikes on streets at Singhu protest site


Days after barbed wire fences, concrete barriers and temporary barriers for buses were erected in Ghazipur on the Delhi-Uttar Pradesh border to practically detain farmers who protest against the agricultural laws, they are in Singhu on the Delhi-Uttar Pradesh border Haryana took similar action.

Delhi police are digging up large parts of the NH-44 to build rows of concrete barbed wire and putting strips of sharpened nails and iron bars in the middle of the street – the parts that aren’t – to stop farmers and their tractors are not allowed to enter the state capital.

The police have also erected massive shipping containers as temporary walls, stopped all traffic for several kilometers in all directions, and a huge force, including armed officers, used. Since last week they have also blocked and blocked media access to Internet services.

« The protest sites look like international borders. It’s as if we came from Pakistan. On the one hand, they (the government) want us talk, and on the other hand they are doing everything to decouple us (from) the city), « Kulwant Singh Sandhu, a peasant leader, told the PTI news agency.

In recent days this has been the norm along the border with Delhi become. Barbed wire barriers, iron bar strips and concrete walls keep peasants from entering the town.

Sections of NH-44 were excavated to place barbed wire barriers and now resemble a war zone.

The containment measures escalate after the tractor rally of the in the last few weeks. A group of demonstrators deviated from the course agreed by farmers and police, stormed the Red Fort complex and clashed with police officers at the ITO intersection and in Nangloi.

This violence, in which a farmer was killed and over 300 hundred police officers were injured, happened after demonstrators and tractors burst through police barricades hours before they entered the country.

« I’m surprised that while tractors were in use … the police were attacked … on Aug. « January barricades were broken and no questions were raised. What have we done now? We just reinforced the barricade so it wouldn’t break again, » he said Tuesday.

Row after row of police barriers, concrete walls and barbed wire fences penned farmers

The authorities have also shut down internet services in Haryana, where the farmers are gathered, although it works a few hundred meters away from where the police are amassed Approx.

Farmers have also claimed that water tankers have been blocked, but repeatedly that these « attacks » will not break their spirits. The Samyukt Kisan Morcha said: « … dig digging … repair nails … barbed wire fences … are all part of several attacks (by the government). »

These measures were taken by those who work and the farmers support the opposition, for which Congressman Rahul Gandhi has led the indictment.

Yesterday, Mr. Gandhi beat the government for « exterminating » the peasants, telling them to « build bridges, not walls ». Today he warned the government that farmers would not back down.

Tens of thousands of farmers have been dug in since late November – and more are being added every day – to force the repeal of laws that they say they make a living endanger. The center insists that these laws will help farmers and has refused to scrap them. However, a temporary stay was offered.

Her protest caught the attention of global celebrities on Monday when international pop star Rihanna tweeted, “Why aren’t we talking about it?”.

Rihanna’s tweet sparked a wave of support and also a sharp reaction from the government, which dismissed him as « sensational ».

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