World news – « We don’t get a train in our backyard every day »


The owners of a local equestrian center had the surprise of a lifetime last night after a freight train derailed and cargo spilled on their property in Nana Glen.

Michelle Muller of the Hill Top Farm Riding Center said the experience had been « pretty surreal » since hearing the accident.

And despite the dramatic scene, Ms. Müller was relieved that both the driver and her horses showed up unharmed.

« The driver was obviously pretty shaken, but amazingly he’s fine. And luckily no horses were injured – all in all – very happy, » she said.

This morning, the Australian Rail and Track Corporation confirmed that the accident occurred around 1:45 p.m. and they had quarantined the area until security investigators could reach the site.

Ms. Muller said an immediate concern was that the dramatic scene might lure people into the area using drones, and she asked them to stay away.

Not every day we get a train in our backyard ð ???? ³ We derailed the freight train on our property at night …

The situation has been complicated by the widespread flooding in the area and getting people to the site has proven difficult.

The NSW Rural Fire Service said it had been hired to assist the NSW state rescue service and fire and rescue teams with a helicopter on site.

« Our NSW RFS helicopter will stay north of NSW to support this incident and possible flood operations in the coming days, » they said.


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