World news – What Alexi McCammond’s Tweets Said When The Editor Of Teen Vogue Resigned


Alexi McCammond has stepped down from her newly appointed position as editor of Teen Vogue after several Conde Nast employees complained about offensive tweets that recently re-emerged. She was scheduled to start as Editor-in-Chief of Teen Vogue on March 24th.

McCammond’s 2011 tweets first resurfaced in 2019, and the journalist apologized at the time, calling the tweets « deeply insensitive. » However, when McCammond was appointed editor in early March, her old tweets reappeared.

Screenshots of her tweets were shared on Instagram by journalist Diana Tsui. Tsui said, « Let’s talk about Conde Nast HR and this questionable attitude for Teen Vogue EIC.

 » She had a number of racist tweets in 2011. Perhaps we can take advantage of the doubt for her, since these were made when she was a student. But her ‘apology’, which came after people caught her in 2019, referred to her as deeply insensitive.

Tsui took screenshots of McCammond’s old tweets in her Instagram post. But what did McCammond say?

In 2011 when she was 17, McCammond tweeted « Outdone by [an] Asian #whatsnew » and « Now googles how not to wake up with puffy Asian eyes … » .

A third tweet said, « Give me a 2/10 on my chemistry problem, cross out all my work and don’t explain what I did wrong … thank you for being a stupid Asian vet [Teaching assistant].  » I’m great, « read another.

In response to the recent backlash the tweets faced, McCammond said, » I have apologized for my previous racist and homophobic tweets and will reiterate that there is no apology exists to uphold these terrible stereotypes in some way. « 

McCammond faces a backlash for her resurfaced tweets at a time when Asian Americans have seen an increase in hate crimes amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Fellow journalists have joined McCammond’s defense, including Axios CEO Jim VandeHei, who said, « You will always be part of the @axios family. @Aalexi admitted her mistakes, regretted them (years ago and recently) and showed them during her four years with us she was a strong woman with a big heart.

The director of the Uruguayan newspaper El País, Martin Aguirre , said, « Good! Something you wrote years ago that you’ve given enough explanations and regrets about shouldn’t chase you down for the rest of your life and forbid you from a career. That’s crazy! »

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