World news – What it takes to get into the top five in KFC SuperCoach


This is how those who made it into the top 5 in KFC SuperCoach say that they made it there.

Last year’s winner Jason Barnett prefers a more relaxed approach than many KFC SuperCoaches and waits until the last few weeks before making his most important team decisions.

« Everyone said last season, ‘How did you do that?’ My main response was to keep it pretty simple at the start of the season, « said Barnett, who coaches the Croz Bees.

« Then you can take risks while you go ahead and have fewer weeks before they backfire.

« There may be a couple of common players that I don’t pick, or one or two lesser-known players. »

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Shane, whose team General Soreness led the rankings last season one lap ahead of fourth, emphasizes the importance of contingency planning.

What if, after a flawless preseason, you picked Joe Daniher ($ 233,000) just to have his injury problems recur in Round 2?

With a plan for these types of issues, General Soreness went on to become one of the best KFC SuperCoach teams in Australia last year.

« Out of 30 picks, there will likely be one or two wrong, » Shane said. « Understand what your risks are and make sure you have some contingency plans for them.

« I’m definitely going to include that this year because I think the look of things this year will force us into some risks in terms of the availability of newbies.

« We’re being forced into injury-prone players, and players who have been injured or performing poorly for a number of years now look good.

« Yours Jack Ziebells, Joe Danihers (Jarman) Impey with a change of roles. All of these guys run a significant risk of not staying in the top 22, changing roles, injuring themselves or not performing. »

Another mistake Shane tries to avoid is chasing the taste of the month for a quick buck.

« I used to think I missed something so I could act quick and jump to the latest hot thing that was floating around regarding SuperCoach that had pumped out a great score, » he said.

Barnett’s further warning to KFC SuperCoaches before 2021 is a long-term approach to achieving full award status.

KFC SuperCoaches had seven extra trades to play last year, which allowed them to finish their teams more aggressively.

« I think views on how to complete your team were a bit skewed last year, » said Barnett.

« But when you put it down to 30 trades, it’s not that easy and I think everyone has probably forgotten that a bit. »

Barnett expects his team to take the « Guns and Rookies » approach, despite the fact that he has Liam Duggan ($ 448,000) of the West Coast versus popular mid-pricer Zac Williams ($ 458,000) in the Defense preferred.

« I want to spend about $ 450,000 on some makeshift awards that I’m not going to trade in. Duggan and maybe someone near that (Isaac) Heeney mark, » he said.

The 2020 winner says he is concerned about the lack of attractive premium midfielders and strikers and isn’t sure he’ll pay the highest dollar to start with Lachie Neale.

« His end-of-season average was better than many of Ablett’s best seasons and Gawn’s best. It will be quite difficult to prove, » he said.

Check out Shane and Jason’s tips on 10 of the most popular players of 2021.

Shane: The problem I have with Max Gawn is if you don’t start it how do you get it? There is no way do not start it, just understand that it is unlikely to go below $ 600,000. Winning a $ 600,000 player will be somewhere around the two or three marks, everything is going well. If you think you will eventually get him to do it and you think about doing it in less than two trades, then you are probably kidding.

Jason: As long as he’s showing something in the prep games, you would probably just lock him up. If he scores about the same as the others (newbies) you need to think twice.

Shane: I don’t think he’s going to be the Walsh / Matt Rowell we’ve seen for the past few years, but he’s worth taking on if he’s a friendly role.

Jason: I got him in front of Sidebottom. I think he’s a little more interesting than Dusty. I’m not thrilled with him, but he’ll likely be F1 at the start of the season.

Shane: He’s not on my side right now. I love everything he brings to the table, but I’m just a bit wary of his role and wary of how many Bulldogs will go through that midfield. I think he’ll end up in the top 6 strikers … but I’m just not sure if I’ll start him.

Jason: A little less (crucial than Gawn) because you generally don’t put the captain on him. But I think you’re still bringing him in. I think it was too hard to bring him in last year if you didn’t (start him).

Shane: D1, lock him up and pay the money … At the end of the day we look at the averages, we look at all of these things, but in SuperCoach the totals are important. Lloyd only delivers the total points, Gawn as well as Neale.

Jason: He hasn’t left my team yet. He will be there in round 1. Can even start him in midfield. Just because I like so many (defenders) and not so many midfielders.

Shane: He’s currently at D2. I would put him in midfield if I thought I needed him in midfield to make more space on the defensive line.

Jason: It depends on how he’s pulled up after all his troubles. But if he comes out and repeats his scoring, it’ll look like a pretty obvious choice. I don’t have him with me right now, but I will likely see him in a few prep games.

Shane: I’m really worried about a sophomore player who played five games with one shoulder. Though his 170 was fantastic, and what was the other one? 140 odd. He’s an absolute jet. At $ 495,000, you select him as a goalkeeper and you want a 110 (average) from him. I think he can do it. I’m just not sure I want to take this risk right now. I’d rather pay him later because I don’t think he’s going to price me out.

Jason: If he plays Round 1, he’ll likely be on pretty much every team. Just generally, all newbies who gamble are there as long as they have adequate job security. But time will tell.

Shane: I would love if he was selected because that would make the line of defense a lot easier. He’s currently one of roughly half a dozen that I have on my watchlist for the D5, D6, and bench seats. Hopefully not as high as five.

Jason: I tend not to have it. He had little problems, but that doesn’t scare me off. Only last season he was so good that I don’t know if he can support it. His end of season average was better than many of Ablett’s best seasons and Gawn’s best seasons. It’s going to be pretty hard to prove. It will obviously be one of the top 8 mids by the end of the season, but just for that price point and just that little wobble helps me probably not to pick it.

Shane: It’s the same rule with Gawn. At what price do you think you will get it and how many trades will it cost you to get it? And will the timing be right? Take him out of the picture, lock him up at the beginning and you know what it will cost you.

Jason: Everyone’s kinda on Zac Williams, but I’m trying everything I can not to. I think if I can try to get Duggan locked up at D6 for the year at this point, I would be happy with that.

Shane: I hope I’m wrong because I assume I’ll probably start it. He’s not on my side right now, but he’s pretty hard to ignore. I just feel like he’s going to burn. I don’t know what it is, I just feel like he’s going to burn us up with a role, an injury, or both.

Jason: In this price range I have Ziebell and Impey in front of me. But I can see a world where you can choose all three, especially if newbies aren’t picked for round 1. I didn’t rule out Joey.

Shane: As a bomber man, I have to overcome a lot more than your average SuperCoach to select him. If he’s fit and firing in the preseason, I guess you can’t afford not to have him. The realistic thing is that the second it hits a price spike of $ 150,000 to $ 200,000, only to get rid of it immediately. I would look for him to play 5-6 good games and then he’s gone.

Jason: Keep an eye on (Zak) Butters because I’m not very keen on the forward line again. He could take that Heeney place if he gets the minutes in midfield. If I had to touch (a midfielder) maybe I would go (Dyson) Heppell.

Shane: I really want to choose Tom Green. I’m just not sure I have the intestinal strength to do it. The child is a beast. He’s on my side right now. Not sure if he will stay there as some other tips are less risky. But if I do a mid-pricer, I think it will either be him or (Jye) Caldwell.


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