World news – What New York lawmakers forgot in their quest to legalize pot


A deal to legalize the pot has emerged from Albany’s legendary smoke-filled rooms, but it looks like lawmakers took the gun in solving the tricky problem of « driving at heights. » / p> Weeds affect judgment, reaction time, and general alertness. States that legalized soon saw an increase in “driving under the influence” with rising accident rates and road deaths.

Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins ​​claims lawmakers have solved the problem, but it turns out she has blown smoke: the deal includes a novel and undefined standard of « severely affected » by marijuana – or cannabis products for DUI offense charges versus “compromised” standard for other drugs. Driving just through the « impaired » pot is a simple traffic violation.

Stewart-Cousins ​​says she will receive funding to train police officers nationwide on the levels of « impairment » and « major impairment » realize, but it will remain pretty subjective. Brace yourself for the claim that the police are enforcing a “Driving Stoned While Black” injustice, not to mention the other games defenders will play.

Meanwhile, corporate groups fear that legalization is particularly on construction sites means more trouble. New York’s bizarre Scaffolding Act makes construction companies liable for disabled workers who fall off the proverbial ladder. Nobody doubts that more people will get in touch when it is legal. When the boss is on the line and you are injured at work while being stoned, construction sites become much more dangerous for everyone, including passers-by.

Legislators have been debating legalization for three years, but they have clearly spent too much time arguing over the sharing of tax revenues and not addressing the consequences for the general public enough.

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