World news – WHO Global Report on Ageism right at home in Australia


According to COTA Australia, the WHO Global Report on Ageism, released today, highlighting the prevalence of ageism around the world and providing key recommendations to combat ageism, is as relevant in Australia as anywhere else in the world.

The report Finds that 1 in 2 people globally are antagonistic to older people and that this has an impact on older people’s lifespan, income, poorer physical and mental health, slower disability recovery and cognitive decline.

 » This report also shows how widespread ageism is in our society. We see it in our workplaces, in our healthcare system and of course we’ve seen it be rampant during the COVID-19 pandemic. « Ian Yates, Managing Director of COTA Australia said.

 » When older people are undervalued, we miss all as individuals, as communities and as an economy. The hidden costs of alterism and age discrimination in employment, healthcare and other areas are enormous , and the WHO report calls for more research, education and legislation to understand and combat this scourge.

« We would all benefit from living in a nation that embraces the experiences and contributions of all of its people, including of all elderly people, fully exploited. Our economy would grow significantly and people’s health and wellbeing would increase over their lifespan.

« It is overdue to ageism by the United Nations, WHO and other international organizations To make and end a global priority but very welcome It underscores the need for both cultural a ls also political changes to end ageism around the world.

COTA is a leading member of the Every Age Counts Coalition, a national campaign to combat ageism against the elderly in Australia, which is part of the WHO Report is praised.

“Everyone has a role to play to stop ageism. We need governments, corporations, civil organizations and every single person in the country to put an end to ageism. « 

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