World news – Wolf Trainer Nuno Espirito Santo Donates £ 250,000 to Fight Poverty Amid COVID-19 Pandemic


Nuno Espirito Santo donated £ 250,000 to the Feed Our Pack initiative, which aims to help alleviate the effects of food poverty.

Published: January 29, 2021 3:03 PM |

Last updated: January 29, 2021 3:03 pm

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WOLVERHAMPTON: Wolverhampton Wanderers head coach Nuno Espirito Santo has donated £ 250,000 as part of an initiative, Feed Our Pack, to help reduce the effects of food poverty and the COVID-19 pandemic affected Wolverhampton residents.

« The Wolves Foundation today launched Feed Our Pack, an initial £ 500,000 project to help reduce the impact of food poverty and the Covid-19 19 pandemic-affected Wolverhampton residents, « the club said in a statement.

 » The project, which will initially last three years, was supported by a grant of £ 250,000 from the Premier League PFA Community Fund and a A generous £ 250,000 personal donation made possible by Wolves head coach Nuno Espirito Santo, « he added.

The club said Feed Our Pack will be selected food banks in the city support to increase the volume of food being distributed to meet the increased demand caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Santo said the Wolverhampton people have been « fantastic » to him since arriving, that’s why he wants to give something back and help those who are struggling in these challenging times.

« The Wolves fans and the people of Wolverhampton have been fantastic for me since I arrived here almost four years ago. I wanted to give something back and help the people who are struggling during the pandemic, « the official website of the Santo Club quoted.

 » If you live in a city, you see and hear how people are affected, but it is is also a great city where people help and support each other. This is a really important project for the Wolves Foundation. Together we are stronger and I hope our supporters want to join in and make sure we care for the people in our community who need it most in these really difficult times, « he added.

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