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We go back to the ring and first Apollo Crews comes out with his spear while Greg Hamilton does the introductions. WWE Intercontinental Champion Big E is out next.

The bell rings and they immediately start arguing. Big E sends crews to the apron and runs to deliver the big spear. They both fall hard to the ground as the fans cheer. Big E kicks Crews in the face and yells at him while they’re downstairs. The crews fight back on the ground and return to the ring. Big E talks more rubbish while Crews is with half his body under the bottom rope. Big E stamps and mocks crews. Big E is now delivering the Big Apron Splash.

Big E keeps talking about trash and makes another big shot on the apron. The crews slowly stand up as Big E follows. The crews strike first, but Big E cradles him and throws him belly-to-belly across the ring in a big throw. Big E with another throw across the ring. The crews dropkick on their knees out of nowhere. Crews is now getting to work on Big E.

Crews with a large German suplex. He thinks it’s a second German, then a third German in the middle of the ring. Crews holds Big E down and stomps his neck while he talks about trash. Crews with a spinebuster in the middle of the ring and more kicks. The crews go upstairs and hit the frogsplash, but Big E kicks out with 2. The crews go straight to the waist to keep Big E down while the fans start to rally. Crews with a big kick and an enziguri on their faces. Crews with a standing moonsault, but Big E knees up.

Big E storms into the corner but hits the ring post while Crews moves. Big E blocks the spin-out power bomb. Crews block the big ending and roll up Big E for 2. They get tangled on the mat and Big E lands an awkward pinfall to hold him back out of nowhere.

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