Le membre du WWE Hall of Fame Hulk Hogan fait l’éloge de Roman Reigns : « Il a maintenu l’art vivant »


Hulk Hogan praises Roman Reigns for keeping old-school wrestling alive

During an appearance on FS1’s TMZ Sports television show, WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan praised current WWE universal champion Roman Reigns for his contribution to keeping the old-school style of psychological wrestling relevant. Hogan credited Reigns for stepping up and getting away from the choreographed-looking, jumping, two guys doing the same thing and diving through hoops. He added that Reigns has helped take professional wrestling back to where it should be with his style and presentation.

Roman Reigns cements his place in WWE history

On Saturday, Reigns reached 1,000 consecutive days as world champion, cementing his run as one of the greatest world title reigns in WWE history. Before Reigns, only a few Superstars in WWE history had reached 1,000 straight days as world champion. Reigns’ title reign is WWE’s longest since Hogan’s 1,474-day run ended in 1988, and in just under one month, Reigns can surpass Pedro Morales for the fifth-longest world title reign in WWE history. Reigns has also captivated wrestling fans with his storytelling, as The Bloodline angle is arguably one of the best in the history of pro wrestling.

Roman Reigns proves that there is still a place for a slower and more methodical style

The pace of pro wrestling has picked up significantly compared to Hogan’s heyday in the 1980s and 1990s, allowing smaller, faster, and more athletic wrestlers to achieve great success. However, Reigns has proved that there is still a place for a slower and more methodical style. He has established himself as the unquestioned top star in the business by wrestling in that manner and captivating wrestling fans with his storytelling. Reigns’ ability to keep fans engaged for multiple years during his title reign is no small feat in today’s landscape.

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