Le service Xfinity tombe à nouveau à Deming


Xfinity Customers in Deming Experience Another Outage

Xfinity customers in Deming, New Mexico, experienced another outage on Monday, less than a month after a 76-hour outage in May. The outage was caused by damage to Lumen fiber, which impacted all services for all Xfinity customers in Deming. Comcast, the provider behind Xfinity internet service, said that their infrastructure in the Deming area relies on a Lumen fiber optic cable connection into Deming, and their crews are repairing the damage as quickly as possible.

Comcast said that service was restored to Deming at around 6:45 a.m. on Tuesday. The provider said that the damage was believed to have been caused by a gas company contractor conducting preventative maintenance and inadvertently cutting Lumen-owned fiber line near San Antonio in Socorro County. Construction was delayed because the site was in a remote area without paved roads.

The 76-hour lapse in service between May 12 and May 17 was also attributed to damaged fiber optic lines at a construction site, unrelated to Comcast operations, in the Los Lunas area. Comcast apologized for the inconvenience to their customers and said that they are texting customers about this outage, for those who have provided them with a mobile number.

How to Receive Real-Time Text Message Updates

To receive real-time text message updates, customers can sign in to their accounts on Xfinity.com or the Xfinity app and add their mobile number to their account. In addition to text messages, customers can view status updates at Xfinity.com/outage.

Xfinity customers in Deming have experienced two outages in less than a month, causing frustration and inconvenience. Comcast has apologized for the inconvenience and is working to restore services as quickly as possible. Customers can stay informed about outages by signing up for real-time text message updates and checking the status updates on Xfinity.com/outage.

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