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CM – Northern Territory Reports New COVID Case Among Gold Miners

More than 1,600 people in three Australian states are urged to isolate as the Northern Territory reports a shocking new COVID case.

CM – NT gold miners with ties to Brisbane tests positive

Similar title : - workers in NT goldmine tested positive for COVID-19 - NT gold...

CM – Worker at NT mine tests positive for COVID-19

A worker at Newmont's Granites gold mine in central Australia tested positive for COVID-19.

World News – USA – Britain’s mutant strain of coronavirus has flooded the nation...

. . EDINBURGH, Scotland - It's only been a few weeks since people in the UK started planning a relatively normal Christmas season with their families thanks to relaxed pandemic rules. Now that the mutated coronavirus variant is fueling a near vertical surge in new daily cases, large swaths of the country are starting the new year with the toughest lockdowns again. The speed of the turn was amazing and terrifying. At the end of November, the number of cases in the UK was around 13 following a nationwide lockdown in England. 000 per day decreased. Now the country has over 50 for six days in a row. 000 cases registered. The message to the world seems clear: the new variant is spreading faster, and without strict preventive measures, it will happen to you too. > The UK Covid-19 curve is now almost vertical. picture. Twitter. com / ZtRCJRDzwA >> - George Eaton (@georgeeaton) 3. January 2021Britain's upswing comes despite the planned Christmas relaxation being scrapped, schools close for Christmas and the largest city, London, is on the top tier of lockdown for two weeks. Experts have been warning for weeks that the new variant will spread so quickly that rules that may have been worked out in the last year are no longer sufficient. The political leaders are now trying to figure out how to set it back or face disaster. Scotland went first. The decentralized nationalist government had already closed the border with England after Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed that the new variant was running wild in the south. On Monday, Scotland's first minister, Nicola Sturgeon, announced a lockdown that was just as strict as in the spring. Their message: stay at home and keep your children away from school or we will be just as confused as England. Sturgeon has estimated that Scotland is now about four weeks behind England's boom, but the new rules, which legally force Scots not to leave their homes, but for some essential purposes, are intended to keep the country from getting out of control like its neighbors device. Scotland accepts 188. 3 cases per 100. 000, less than half the rate of England in the past seven days, according to government figures. Meanwhile, Johnson was under a lot of pressure to prevail as cases spiked from tip to tip in England. This could come to an end on Monday as the prime minister will address the nation warning that measures need to be tightened. However, it is not clear what exactly the new promotion will look like. When asked why it took him so long to do something, Johnson said, “We have been waiting to see the impact of Tier 4 measures on the virus and it is still somewhat unclear at this point. But if you look at the numbers, there is no question that we need to take tougher measures and we will announce those in due course. "Health Secretary Matt Hancock has admitted that the rules that have been in place since the spring lockdown" are no longer strong enough. "Even more worrying, however, is Hancock's belief that the new British variant may not even pose the greatest threat to an already entwined nation. He said Monday he was "incredibly concerned" about a South African variant that was seen as even more transmissible than the UK - and two cases of it have been confirmed in the UK. Hancock told the BBC on Monday: “This is a very, very significant problem. . . even more of a problem than the U. . K. . new variant. One reason for this concern could be that British experts have been asking openly whether the current vaccines against the South African mutant will work. John Bell, professor at Oxford University and state vaccine advisor, said there was a "big question mark" as to whether existing vaccines will work on the South African variant. It is clear that the UK is in a bad situation - much less clear is whether this is as bad as it gets, whether new measures are enough to control the mutant virus, and what if an even worse one takes hold. Read more at The Daily Beast. Get our top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now! Daily Beast Membership: Beast Inside delves deeper into the stories that matter to you. Learn more.

. World News – USA – Today in History for the 4th. January

. . Highlights of this day in history: Israeli Prime Minister Ariel suffers a stroke and falls into a coma; the inventor of Braille is born; Jesse Ventura was sworn in as governor of Minnesota, poet T.. S.. . Eliot dies. (Jan. . 4)

World News – AU – A Boston street performer won a deal against the...

. . Rod Webber received 20. 000 US dollars from an agreement with the Trump campaign, which according to the comparison has to admit no fault.

. . Weltnachrichten – AU – ASX starts 2021 with 1. 4%...

. . The ASX was expected to fall in the first trading session of 2021 but instead gained 1. 4%. The miners and banks were strong.

. . Weltnachrichten – AU – ASX starts 2021 with 1. 3%...

. . The ASX was expected to fall in the first trading session of 2021 but instead gained 1. 3%. The miners and banks were strong.

. . Weltnachrichten – AU – ASX starts 2021 with 1. 2%...

. . The ASX was expected to fall in the first trading session of 2021 but instead gained 1. 2%. The miners and banks were strong.

World News – AU – Billionaire Ray Dalio’s son was killed in a car...

. . Devon Dalio's car reportedly crashed into a Connecticut store on Thursday.
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